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Nov 6, 2006 02:11 AM

Take out, preferably Thai, Central LA...

Hi all:

Can anyone recommend a good place for take-out, preferably Thai, near Downtown, or at least I think you would call it downtown: that is, near where the 10 and the 110 meet? I am looking for somewhere to pick up a late-ish dinner tomorrow night...

And since I am a bit geographically challenged: is that area anywhere near Thaitown? Where is Thaitown anyway?



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  1. Thai Town is near Hollywood Blvd. between Normandie Ave. and Western Ave. on the eastern edge of Hollywood.

    1. Mae Ploy is just up Sunset from Downtown at 2606 W Sunset Blvd. I can't find their menu online but they have all the Thai standards and do them very well. I like the Tom Yum Pla (spicy fish soup), the larbs, and the stir-fried morning glory. Lots of vegetarian choices, try the eggplant salad.