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Nov 6, 2006 01:57 AM

Oatmeal--What do you put on yours (besides brown sugar)?

In the winter I eat oatmeal almost every morning and usually mix in either brown sugar or some delicious ginger spread. What do other people mix into their oatmeal?

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  1. Yum...I love oatmeal and other porridges for breakfast, particularly this time of year. Working off of Pei's idea to put pumpkin puree in earlier this week I'll be putting butternut squash puree in mine tomorrow morning (I've been putting it in my corn mush).

    I also frequently put in honey, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, apples. And, because i can't seem to help myself, just a small amount of butter.

    1. Peanut butter and raisins (apparently, I am seven years old).

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        Oh my. Peanut butter in oatmeal. That sounds so good. I might have to add bananas or apples instead of raisins.

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          You're not at all. I put peanut butter and honey in mine!

        2. I like 1/2 irish oatmeal and 1/2 wheatberries, cooked in soy milk, topped with a banana.

          1. cinnamon, bananas and coconut milk and/or chocolate chips

            1. Toasted hazelnuts (filberts) are really good with oats, and I sometimes add finely chopped apple while it's cooking. Try toasting the oats win a teaspoon of butter just until they're fragrant, then add the water or milk. It only takes a couple minutes if you have a reliable burner, sooo worthwhile.

              When I make scots' oats, I add a tablespoon of buttermilk in the last five minutes.

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                Your toasted hazelnuts idea makes me wonder if Nutella might be a good addition to oatmeal.

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                  Just this morning I added a spoonful of trader joe's hazelnut cocoa (tj's version of transfat free nutella) to my oatmeal and added the bananas. Very yummy!