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Bar Americain - my vote for most disgusting signature dish

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Bar Americain is a vast corporate box made into an appealing and dynamic space by an expert design team. Service was fine, seating was comfortable, etc.

I'd heard much about this thing called a Kentucky Hot Brown, for which this establishment is somewhat famous. I don't know whether its an authentic Kentucky dish or not, but it certainly SOUNDS soulfull and delicious, and you never know where deliciousness might be hiding. So I decided to go there and have one. Big mistake.

Its a multi-level thing. At the base is a big fat piece of soggy french toast. On top of that are thick slabs of turkey meat so insipid I'd swear its was steamed turkey-product instead of the fresh-roasted bird. After that a thin layer of cheddar cheese is broiled on. Then, a super-rich bernaise sauce -- that was perfectly devoid of any flavor whatsoever -- was ladled liberally over the whole mess. Why stop there? - this is America after all. So a coupla strips of bacon are added, as well as a slice of season grilled tomato.

Now I don't mind rich, fatty, caloric food if the pay-off is resoundingly satisfying chow. But this tasteless, souless artery clogger is not worth even 10 of its 2000 calories. The seasoned fries were decent, until you reach mid-cone, by which time they're limp little fellas.

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  1. I didn't have that when I was there but refuse to go back for many other reasons.

    1. Yes I saw that dish on one of those Food Network regional specialties shows, it was invented at some hotel in Lexington, I think, and that's what everyone gets there.
      Emeril and Bobby Flay have recipes for it on the Food Network website.