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Nov 6, 2006 12:46 AM

Black Olive

After making reservations at The Black Olive in Fells Point we were a bit apprehensive after reading some of the comments that have been posted. We forged ahead and I must say we had a very, very good meal.
The service was exceptional,the meal was leisurely paced, and we lacked not a thing.
We all shared appetizers,
Greek Salad(smallish,but the tomatos were excellent and
enjoyed the "creamy" feta)
Fried Squid Salad(I enjoyed it but my wife was less
then thrilled)
Grilled Portabella..coulda made a meal outta these!!!!

Dover Sole Ok but nothing to write home can ya
mess up Dover Sole?
St. Peters Fish..most excellent. Had never had this fish
before, but I sure will again.

Dessert was a shared apricot cobbler that I would pass on the next time. say the least @ $80.00 per person, but I would
feel very comfortable recommending this restaurant..

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  1. My main issue with the Black Olive has always been the service. My initial visit was flawless, but several subsequent trips left me feeling that they had serious issues, especially for a place at their price point.

    I'm glad to hear that you had no such problems. Maybe it's time to give them another shot. I do like the food a lot.

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    1. re: JonParker

      Is there any difference between Saint Peter's fish and Tilapia?

    2. Ordinary Dover sole, a forgettable dessert... this reminds me why I won't go back and spend my hard-earned money there. And St. Peter's fish is tilapia: mild, sweet tasting white fish. And cheap. About $6/lb in the grocery store.
      How was it prepared at Black Olive?

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        1. re: round hound

          I thought it was Tilapia,and you are right, not only is Tilapia cheap but it is simple to fix, just bake for 20 to 25 minutes or so and serve with butter or olive oil and lemon. For the prices Black Olive charges I would expect real, wild rockfish, snapper or grouper at the very least, not Tilapia.

          1. re: round hound

            This I did not know, as Earl Weaver said "it's what you learn after you know it all that counts". Whatever the name it was very very good
            This was a simple whole fish grilled over charcoal, filet(what is the verb for deboning a fish)at the table,dressed with lemon and olive. Did I mention it was very very good?

          2. Funny....this is one of those places that some people either love or find mediocre. I have tried 3 times and while the fish is fresh and the variety good, I have not found the rest of my experience worthy of reccomending to others. I find the food to be somewhat bland and definitely overpriced and service slow. To has the feel of a casual eaterie but prices that are at the top of this town.

            1. Glad you enjoyed, since that is what really counts. I use the term deboning just to distinguish from cutting (filet) raw fish, but can't claim any particular expertise. Having thought a little more about my last post, I would say that fish availabilty is a tricky thing with devilish details and fresh and tasty is what counts most and was only expressing my general and personal fish preference.

              1. ..."we had a very, very good meal."
                I don't know how that statement matches up with sole that was "nothing to write home about" and a dessert that you would skip the next time.
                Seems like you didn't have a very bad experience but I sure wouldn't call it very, very good.

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                1. re: bolivianita

                  We used to enjoy going there for lunch until we ordered a whole brazini for lunch which my wife and I split and then were charged 22 each. We didnt realize that when they said that the special was deisgned to split and gave us a price of 22 that that was the per person price.

                  So we have never went back, especially since the price of brazini in no way warrents 44 dollars and Kalis court does a wonderful job for 1/2 the price.

                  1. re: bolivianita

                    The citing of a very, very, good meal is to me is as much about the ambience, the attidude of the staff and the fellowship and warmth of those I was "breaking bread with",as much as it was about the chow. Sorry if I misused the hyperbole with that extra very!!!

                    1. re: bolivianita

                      Some of us judge a restaurant on its food, others on its ambience. Neither is right or wrong. However, we could all try a little harder to explain WHY we like or dislike a place rather than just THAT we do.