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fresh chicken at Greenmarket?

I don't eat poultry very often, when I do I usually buy & cook boneless chicken breasts. On a few occasions, I've bought them at Whole Foods near Union Square and have not been all that pleased. One time, they were definitely bad and I returned them. I wondered about the free-range chickenthat is sold, whole and/or cut up, at the Greenmarket. Do any CHounds buy it regularly? Thanks.

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  1. I buy beef, pork, and poultry from Dines Farm on Saturday in McCaren's Park in Williamsburg and Mondays in Union Square all year. Everything is fresh and reasonably priced. I feel better knowing that they are not industrial. I don't think they are certified organic but they are pasture raised with a focus on sustainabilty. Their whole chickens are always good to roast. On the advice of the customer in line behind me, I recently bought some of their boneless marinated chicken thighs. I followed the Dines farm vendor's cooking advice and they were surprisingly delicious. Highly recommended. They also take credit cards- a plus for convenience. My advice: go early to make sure they haven't sold out of what you want or place an order ahead of time. (They have a website- dinesfarm.com)

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      Dines is also at Tompkins Square on Sundays. Usually on Mondays their selection is limited because they're only selling what was left from the weekend.

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        Dines is also in Jackson Heights on Sundays -- with a very large selection of stuff. their whole chickens are excellent -- very fresh, always cook up well -- and i like some of their sausages as well. they've been advising folks that while the market closes the week of thanksgiving, they'll be doing deliveries to the neighborhood (not door to door, but pulling their van to the same corner they usually sell from for a four hour window) for those who order in advance.

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        AEM on your advice I bought the Dines Farm marinated thighs Monday at Union Square. How should I cook them tonight? Dines Farm is at US every Monday on the west side of the market.

      3. I buy poultry from Quatro Farms in the Union Square Greenmarket now and then. the flavor is amazing. The best chicken I have EVER had. Natural, organic, raised for flavor rather than efficiency on some industrial dismembering line. Very expensive, though. And be careful on the size. I once served three people off of one bone-in breast.

        1. I'm not from the area, but I'd always buy from a green market if I had the option.

          1. Violet Hill Farms has really great Belle Rouge chickens. Delicious. Quattro farms also has an extensive selection of game birds and other poultry that is always very good.

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              Violet Hill is fantastic. The belle rouge have a great flavor. Even my wife who doesn't share the same love of roast chicken as me comments she can taste the difference. Their guinea hen (when available) is also quite good. They're my first choice for chickens since their birds come with the feet still attached (extra flavor for my stock).

            2. Jeffrey Steingarten buys his chickens from USQ Greenmarket. So should you! I would also suggest branching out from boneless chicken breasts, which is one of the least flavorful cuts of meat imaginable.

              1. I have had the same experience at the UNSq greenmarket - unsatisfactory chicken. Mine was with whole chickens and prefer to buy mine at Simchick, on first at 52. (Also terrible chickens from Food Emporium - once threw out as I unwrapped the smelly thing.)

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                  Serious..glad to see another Simchik fan here!

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                    I didn't have a bad experience @ the Greenmarket, I got
                    some bad chicken at Whole Foods, and forget the Food Emporium,
                    I only go there for packaged goods. I will definitely check
                    out the suggestions here, I figured I could count on the
                    Hounds to set me straight! When I'm cooking just for myself,
                    I get the breasts. If I'm cooking for company, I get a
                    whole bird, although honestly, I don't want to see the feet!
                    (I don't often eat poultry, mostly fish & veggies.) And I'm
                    generally paranoid about food safety.... which is why I really
                    want freshness above all.

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                      "although honestly, I don't want to see the feet!"

                      Don't feel bad. My wife freaks out about them as well. Sometimes I sneak up behind her and tap her on the shoulder with one. :)

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                      It doesn't make much sense to say that you bought "unsatisfactory" chicken at the Union Sq. Greenmarket without giving more details. From what purveyor? Why was it bad?

                      I've been pleased with the chicken from Norwich Farms, Quattro, Dines, etc... The Greenmarket is an incredible resource for local food of all types.

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                        I think your question, which purveyor, is reasonable. I don't
                        recall name but will note it this week..it's a saturday space on
                        the westside of market, also sells eggs. The chicken was tasteless
                        rather than spoiled.

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                          "Unsatisfactory" makes sense to me: Not a chicken who did a bad thing so much as bad chicken.

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                        I second polimorfos's post, esp. given my paranoia. The
                        Greenmarket suggestions have been quite useful. What day is Quattro there? I didn't see any poultry purveyors today as I walked through, but I was kinda rushing.

                      3. Any one have suggestions for a kosher featherless turkey. I spend at least two hours plucking out the feathers. Your help would be greatly appreciated