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Nov 5, 2006 11:48 PM

Loucallie's: Wood-fired Brick Oven Pizza in Carroll Gardens

There's a voluminous thread on this board about this restaurant, but the title only alludes to its location and not its product.

Excellent, crispy brick-oven pizza using buffalo mozzarella imported from Italy, home-made sauce, grated parmesan and fresh olive oil. A real labor of love for this young pizza maker.
Some early kinks are being worked out. Somehow, lots of visitors couldn't cope with the fact that there really is no menu here. Just pizza ($17 for an eight slice pie, extra toppings $3 extra and up...the mushrooms were fresh).

Warning: it gets extremely crowded and waits of 45 minutes or more are not uncommon. We arrived as the doors opened tonight and had a pie in 5 minutes. Very kid-friendly, although your kid must like pizza, as there really is nothing else to eat.

BYO wine or beer.

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  1. And here's that aforementioned "voluminous thread":


    1. We ate there the night of the (last, <sigh>) Mets' game, so it wasn't so crowded. But a question: is the 45 minute wait for a table or for the pie? If it's for the pie, we can handle that. But if it's a 45 minutes wait just to sit down, I think that it will not do as a substitute to the trek to and wait at DiFara's.

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        bobj: i suggest showing up as early as possible. there are really only ten or twelve tables here. last night, by 6:45, all the tables were full. once your order is taken, the pies come quickly. so, the bulk of the wait is for a table, with the wait for a pie being minimal. others may have had different experiences, so read the previous thread or consult

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          Our one time there, we waited 90min for a pie - but were able to find a table immediately. There were at least a dozen people milling around inside and out waiting for takeout pies though...

        1. Odd, I went last Thursday as a party of 3 around, maybe, 7:30pm? And there were 2 tables for 2 or 3 empty and the big communal table was empty too. No wait really beyond what you'd expect for the food to come out -- maybe 15 minutes? I guess it ebbs and flows.

          1. I went Friday night at 9pm with 2 friends. We had to wait about 15 minutes for a table and our pizza came out about 15 minutes after ordering. That's not bad for a Friday night.