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Nov 5, 2006 11:13 PM

Anniversary dinner suggestions

I've been a fan of this board for a couple of years now & finally I have a question to ask.
Can anyone suggest a restaurant for a 10th anniversary dinner in the GTA?
thanks in advance for your help

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  1. can we get a little more detail in terms of what you're looking for e.g. price range, ambience, etc...

    1. Yes. Because you are an avid user of this board...and the best restos are often talked about...maybe you can narrow it down to the ones that have caught your eye along the way. SO much has already been shared.

      1. I really enjoyed the Wish restaurant on Charles st. West at Yonge when visiting Toronto as a tourist a few days ago. We were a large group but there were couples having champagne. It was cozy in atmosphere and all of us enjoyed our dinners. I had a pomegrante martini for the first time and would love to return for more! The food was delicious and reasonable in price but it is quite small so reservations would be necessary. You can check out the menu online to see if it is suitable to your tastes and if you would want something more fancy. I thought it was charming and the service was attentive and helpful.

        1. Sorry for not being more specific (1st time poster)
          Since it's a special occasion price is not issue. My husband enjoys Bymark or Canoe for a special dinner out but I would like to try somewhere different....

          1. Bymark is our go-to place for special dinners also and sometimes we switch out with . . .

            Noce - really fine quality food, great flavours

            Auberge du Pommier might work for you as it can be an intimate and lovely room as well as good food right now.

            or Perigee might be a nice experience for the occasion, your husband will probably recognize a lot of the flavours from the chef's experience at Canoe, N44, Avalon etc.