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Nov 5, 2006 10:37 PM

Greenfield Churrascaria

Last night, the worst thing happened to this chowhound. Craving a restaurant and found out it was CLOSED!!!! A brief search on google showed NOTHING!! Can anyone confirm whether Greenfield (churrascaria) in Farmingdale (on Rt. 110) AND Greenfield in Flushing (on Northern Blvd.)is definitely closed? I'm crossing my fingers that it is JUST renovating.

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    1. Any word cadireon? I was hoping to hit up Green Fields in Flsuhing on Thursday night.. is it worth the trip?

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      1. re: buzzard83

        Greenfields is perhaps the worst churrascaria I've been to. It can hit the spot, but unless you live close, I couldn't justify making the trip.

        1. re: bhill

          I DID go ... and yes, unforunately, it was not as great as I had it two years ago. It's still open. But the one on LI is closed and they are no longer linked together. The skirt steak was about the only thing that was at all tasty. Quite a disappointment.

          Upon searching for green field, I found that Porcao has a NYC location. I've been there in Rio. Has anyone tried the place?

      2. I agree with bhill. After the first helping, everything tastes the same.