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Nov 5, 2006 10:35 PM

dim sum during the week?...

A crew from the office is hankering for some dim sum during the week... I know people typically go on the weekends, but that doesnt quite work for us.

downtown, cheap, and delish is the name of the game :)

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  1. China Pearl in Chinatown is tops.

    In addition to the carts, check out the one fixed stand, which last time I went was in the room on the left at the top of the stairs, where they have some additional goodies that don't get brought around. Bring your bill-caard to be stamped.

    1. I would rate the top 3 China Town dim sums in the following order:

      1) Hei La Moon
      2) Chau Chau City
      3) China Pearl

      I have alot of photos and stuff on my blog site

      Both Chau Chau and China Pearl have the fixed station mentioned above. Typically they have tripe, clams, muscles sometimes, greens, snails, noodles. Hei La moon has those items too but carries them around.

      1. I must agree with hargau on this one. I find some of the fried things to be better at Chau Chau City but think overall that Hei La Moon is tastier.