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Nov 5, 2006 10:28 PM

Sharing Policy? [moved from Chicago board]

I've been cruising this board, and reading menus from various recommended restaurants. I'll be coming for Thanksgiving with my wife, nanny, and two daughters (10 and 12). We all like eating, but when I look at the portions offered, there's no way we can finish them. So I'm wondering what the policy on sharing is.

For example, one spot offers a 24-oz porterhouse, 16-oz of lamb chops, and a 16-oz chicken. For the five of us, that works out to 11 oz of protein each, plus sides and appetizers. That's more than enough to keep us satisfied. Do most places allow sharing of entrees or do they require an entree be ordered for each person at the table?

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  1. Most restaurants don't frown on special requests including splitting meals. When my husband and I are traveling or I am out to lunch with a friend and know I won't be able to take out a "doggie bag" we sometimes ask to split the meal. The staff is always happy to accommodate and of course we tip as though we've had two meals.

    1. While most restaurants will split an entree, some charge a fee—which can range from nominal to outrageous—for doing so. (Most restaurants I've patronized that charge for splitting an order split the entree but provide full portions of the sides to both plate, so IMO the charge is reasonable.) It's probably best to call the restaurants and inquire about their policy.