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Nov 5, 2006 09:58 PM

French Onion Soup Lover [moved from SF Bay area board]

I'm wondering if it is only me that has this crazy love for French Onion Soup. So much that I have worked a long time perfecting what I believe to be a pretty darn good version. I still order it when I'm out hoping to get a really great bowl of the tasty stuff but I am mostly just moderately satisfied.

Does anyone else share my passion for this glorious food. I am willing to share my recipe, which actually when you eat it is more like a ritual. (come on, I read about you kimchee lovers and the lenghts you go to!- I love that stuff too- what you mean it actually stinks?)

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  1. If I remember right, Bistro Liaison in Berkeley does a good one.

    1. I really like Ti Couz's FOS.

      1. Oh I am a lover too. I have once made the soup 3 times in one week just to perfect it. I am curious to find out what kind of ritual do you go thru? Do you make your own stocks? Ok well maybe we can share recipes =).

        1. It's not just you! But excellent French onion soup is hard to make or find, so I suspect many people don't realize they should adore the stuff. For me it's simple but everything depends on quality ingredients. I insist on real beef stock which means getting some ox tail (better flavor), rendering in the oven, tossing the fat and then making the stock. Then the onions. I made mine with Vidalia (sweet onions) which are very seasonal and grow on the East Coast. Probably Ose onions are perfectly fine. But those common yellow spanish onions are deadly for good french onion soup. Don't. Do. It. The gruyere must be excellent (aka, Swiss). Somewhere in one of my cookbooks/Cooks Illustrated's I have a recommendation for a brand. Insist on real french bread, the texture is important.

          Oh, darn. I'm salivating. Bistro Liason huh...

          1. I love French onion soup. My partner loves it even more. I've hardly ever met one I didn't like. I remember making it the basic French peasant way: three ingredients; butter, onions and water. Anything else is embellishing.
            but I'd love to see your recipe -- nothing wrong with embellishing!