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Nov 5, 2006 09:44 PM

Decatur Restaurant for college Shopping teen and mom

We'll be looking at Emory Tuesday and staying overnight in Decatur so we need some restaurant recommendations for a Monday nite.

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  1. What are you looking for? If you're up for pizza there's Everybody's Pizza. It's been around forever. If you end up at Emory, you'll certainly be dining there in the future! It's a Emory student favorite.

    If you're looking for something a bit more upscale there's Floataway Cafe. They specialize in local seasonal ingredients and it's a great place.

    Good luck!

    1. I'd skip Everybody's (which is adjacent to Emory's main campus, in an area called Emory village) unless you really, really want to eat there.

      If you're staying in Decatur you're probably staying at the Holiday Inn, which is perfect because you're easy walking distance to a number of good restaurants. I'd go with Watershed for sit-down dinner, or Taqueria del Sol for a not so sit-down dinner. Lots of other options in the neighborhood---just walk down towards town and stroll around.

      1. We're actually staying at the HI Express closer to campus (a little cheaper). I saw Floataway but it won't be open tonight (monday), Watershed seems to have had so-so reviews lately, how about Cafe Lily?

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          Not sure about Cafe Lily; never been there. So you're not going to be around on Tuesday night? Oh well. I think Watershed is still a very safe bet, despite what you've read.

        2. Watershed is far and away your best option. If you happen to still be around Tuesday night, go for their fried chicken - I know it might not sound "chowhoundish" and the food at Watershed is generally more upscale than fried chicken, but I've been consistently told that it is the best fried chicken on earth. And it is only served on Tuesday - you need to get there pretty early. But if you go on Monday, there are plenty of other great things to get - don't miss it!

          1. So you're staying at the location that's on N. Decatur, just beyond the intersection with Clairmont, near the shopping center with Publix? I'd forgotten that was even there. There are some decent places in walking distance, on Clairmont Rd just north of the intersection with N. Decatur, including Thai, Indian (Bhojanic), and continental (The Epicurean).

            As for comparing Cafe Lily and Watershed, don't. They're not even on the same page. Cafe Lily is a neighborhood place, and okay (but only just), whereas Watershed is actually a bit of a destination restaurant. Let us know what you think.