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Nov 5, 2006 09:41 PM

Can someone recommend a Japanese Curry Restaurant?

Just as the title suggests. I have a craving for a nice plate of glop - Japanese Curry. Thanks to all who respond.

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  1. You should check out Edo High Street (aka, Sawtelle Blvd.): see a previous post ? ! :

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      Thanks. I was hoping for other suggestions. I think that there is a place in J-Town but I am not sure.

    2. you have probably noticed the thread below about Duck's Spaghetti and Curry which I made much the same query. good things have been said about this place in the past, and I might just make the trip soon to check it out. (although I wish I could get some recent positive feedback...)

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        I like ducks curry, it's thick and has a nice consistency to it. I prefer it over Hurry Curry. I find Hurry Curry over rated.

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          I would be interested to know if Duck's improved the air circulation. The last and only time I went years ago, it smelled so bad! But the curry was good.

        2. Curry House downtown (I think there are a few locations, actually; that just happens to be the one I'm familiar with). Enjoy!

          1. I like the curry at Blue Marlin on Sawtelle.

            Blue Marlin
            2121 Sawtelle Blvd
            (310) 445-2522

            It's a little sweet (I think maybe they use apples) & a little spicy, and they serve it piping hot, the way it should be. Served in a metal platter. There are lots of configurations -- pork katsu, chicken katsu, even with an omelette on top. There are also plenty of non-curry dishes that are typical Japanese takes on western food, including their famous uni spaghetti!
            (By the way, I like Blue Marlin much better than their neighbor Hurry Curry. Their sauce was bland/no depth.)

            1. Hurry Curry on Sawtelle