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Can someone recommend a Japanese Curry Restaurant?

Just as the title suggests. I have a craving for a nice plate of glop - Japanese Curry. Thanks to all who respond.

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  1. You should check out Edo High Street (aka, Sawtelle Blvd.): see a previous post ? ! :


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      Thanks. I was hoping for other suggestions. I think that there is a place in J-Town but I am not sure.

    2. you have probably noticed the thread below about Duck's Spaghetti and Curry


      ...in which I made much the same query. good things have been said about this place in the past, and I might just make the trip soon to check it out. (although I wish I could get some recent positive feedback...)

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        I like ducks curry, it's thick and has a nice consistency to it. I prefer it over Hurry Curry. I find Hurry Curry over rated.

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          I would be interested to know if Duck's improved the air circulation. The last and only time I went years ago, it smelled so bad! But the curry was good.

        2. Curry House downtown (I think there are a few locations, actually; that just happens to be the one I'm familiar with). Enjoy!

          1. I like the curry at Blue Marlin on Sawtelle.

            Blue Marlin
            2121 Sawtelle Blvd
            (310) 445-2522

            It's a little sweet (I think maybe they use apples) & a little spicy, and they serve it piping hot, the way it should be. Served in a metal platter. There are lots of configurations -- pork katsu, chicken katsu, even with an omelette on top. There are also plenty of non-curry dishes that are typical Japanese takes on western food, including their famous uni spaghetti!
            (By the way, I like Blue Marlin much better than their neighbor Hurry Curry. Their sauce was bland/no depth.)

            1. Hurry Curry on Sawtelle

              1. Which of these restaurants make their curry from scratch?

                1. If you are in the valley near CSUN, go to E&E Cafe. They serve my favorite japanese curry. I prefer it over Hurry Curry and Curry House by far. There is quite a E&E following with all the Japanese students at CSUN.

                  Unlike the bigger curry chains, E&E makes their curry "homestyle" from scratch. The curry is thicker and more stewy at E&E. I feel like Curry House and Hurry Curry's curry tastes like something you can make at home with those curry blocks you can buy at the market. This is not the case at E&E.

                  I like ordering the curry at 6 spiciness level. It's not all that spicy. Some people who order it at a lower level find it bland and really miss out on the subtle quality of the curry.

                  E&E also has lunch specials and their iced green tea as well as their macha floats are excellent.

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                    Curry House tastes like packaged curry roux because it is owned by House Foods Corp., one of the largest makers of packaged curry roux.

                  2. From the last 3 times I went to the Little Tokyo Curry House, I felt that their quality has really gone downhill. I've had much more consistency at the Puente Hills location in Rowland Heights.

                    1. Try T.O.T. in Little Tokyo. Big ol' plate of gopping curry. I couldn't finish it.

                      345 E. 2nd Street
                      They're open till midnight everyday.

                      Also, Hana Ichimonme
                      333 S. Alameda (Mitsuwa bldg)
                      They also make a good champon ramen.

                      1. The Blue Marlins curry was way to sweet for me. Tasted like it should be served over
                        ice cream. Sawtelle Kitchen has the best curry that I have had in L.A. They cook the curry sauce for many hours and never cut corners. Try it you will love it.

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                          While I haven't tried Blue Marlin's curry, I did really like the curry at Sawtelle Kitchen. You would expect decent and homemade curry at these yoshoku spots. I'd expect less at places that have more varied items on the menu. Another place that's quite good and homemade is Bistro Laramie in Torrance/Gardena.

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                            I, too, preferred the curry at Sawtelle Kitchen to Blue Marlin (and to Hurry Curry and to Curry House - man my neighborhood has a lot of places with curry!) - but for now, Sawtelle Kitchen is still closed for remodeling.

                        2. I really like Mishima. There is one on sawtelle and Santa monica blvd i believe and another one in Torrance. They have really good curry and they also have really good udon and soba dishes.