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Nov 5, 2006 09:10 PM

Agnanti Meze: i'm FURIOUS

MADE a reservation 2 weeks ago for a very special dinner - 10 people coming from all parts of ny, including upstate ny. called about 2 hours ago and the guy tells me that he doesn't have my reservation and, anyway, they now have a private party that night and he can't take us. but then he goes on to get beligerent and tell me that *I* must have called the wrong restaurant and it's not their fault but when i called the restaurant, i confirmed the address of the restaurant and the subway information. i am furious furious furious.

however, i called 'elia' on 3rd avenue and the gentleman there said he could accomodate us so i'm coming back to tell you about our dinner there. and he'll make money off me because i definitely need a few drinks now!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear this redgirl. Aganti has outstanding food, but I've found they are not so professional in taking reservations and otherwise running the business. It's a bit of a mom and pop operation, for better and for worse. I had a birthday party there last year and it took maybe 7-8 back and forth voicemails and calls with the mom, the daughter, the place in Brooklyn, the place in Queens, etc. in order to get everything sorted out.

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      omg...just trying to get to 10 people comimng from all over was such an experience.
      ok...we went to elia. the owner was on the floor with one other waiter. we have a LOVELY dinner. everything tasted know how the 'dips' platter is obligatory but never exciting? well, their dips were fabulous..really wonderful. they didn't bring enough pita for everyone but a request brought it a few minutes later. we had lots of appetizers - and for mains there was a wonderful pan-sauteed chicken (it was very very good), and 4 of us ordered the lamb shanks with orzo. yum. a very good syrah and everyone was happy. there was a fantastic warm chocolate cake with gelato at the end and 3 orders of rice pudding. i love rice pudding and am always disappointed but this was GREAT rice pudding. just the right mix of creamy and bite and a good orange note to it. it was comfortable and very good food. i didn't realize that they also own 'helios' in park slope...they make one fabulous burger. the host/owner was gracious and it all worked out. but i will never go to the other place. ever.

    2. glad you had a good experience with elia. i'd gone there years ago and thought it was ok, but i think i'll give it another try since i now live in bay ridge.

      sorry about your troubles w/agnanti. my family & i went there when it first opened and my parents loved it. so much so, that we tried it a few weeks later on a saturday night, but not only was it a zoo, you felt it in the service. we felt overlooked, food was not as good that night, took forever to get the check, etc. i think it's hit or miss but will save agnanti for a weeknight when it's night crazy busy.