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late nite dinner after event at new Carnival Center?

Anywhere for a late (11:00/11:30) dinner on a Saturday night after a teater performance? We're coming down from Lauderdale, so distance from the Carnival Center is not a problem. Just looking for a nice place that is open late where we can relax with a few drinks and some good food an savor what is sure to be a promising nite at the theater.

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  1. Soyka (55th & Biscayne) is probably open till midnight on weekends. Although I've always found the food only OK at best, there's a decent bar area, and it's a nice place.

    Further north, Hiro's for sushi (163rd St. on the causeway between the beach and Biscayne) is open late, as is Yakko San (Japanese tapas). Hiro's is decent, Yakko San is excellent.

    Otherwise, your best bet may be to head toward the beach, where there's lots of places that keep late hours.

    1. Tony Chans fills your requirements and is a better option than Soyka

      1. You might try
        Luna Cafe'
        4770 Biscayne Blvd, Miami;
        I haven't been yet but they just got a good review in the New Times.

        1. Nice call on Tony Chan's - very good Chinese (for South Florida, at least) and close. Haven't been there in a long time.

          1. For anyone going to the Carnival Center for a performance Soyka has to be one of the best bets. Not necessarily great for food, but they have a shuttle service that takes you from the restaurant to the Center and back for $15.00. We just had a drink at the bar and they charged the fee on your tab. Considering parking is $15 near the center we thought it was a bit steep; however, after seeing the line at the valet after the performance (at least 200 people deep) and the mess of cars trying to get out of the lots, the money was more than worth it. We were dropped off on the Biscayne entrance of the theater and the shuttle was there waiting for us after the performance. It was literally a couple of minutes getting from our seats in the theater to the seats on the bus. And since there were only 2 other couples, everyone was there in a flash. The driver took off, went around the block to NE 2nd Ave, and we were back at Soyka w/i ten minutes. The added plus was that Soyka was actually still open (the performance ended at around 11:30). We didn't stay because we were so "overwhelmed by the pageantry" of the opera (two quote an elderly woman I overheard during intermission). But it's one of the few places nearby that serves till midnight. We called Michy's for the heck of it and the kitchen had closed but the bar was still open.

            1. Tony Chans not only has better food than Soyka, but is closer and is also open until midnight on saturday, making it a better option.

              1. I disagree that it's the better option. Unless you hike it from the Carnival Center to Tony Chan's on foot, you're better off going to Soyka and taking the shuttle. After the performance the place is a madhouse so getting out of there quickly makes any subsequent meal more enjoyable. And although Tony Chan's is definitely walking distance from the Center, I'm not sure how many females in heels and evening dresses would want to risk crossing Biscayne, walk through the bus terminal and metrorail station to get to Tony Chan's.

                1. Both are excellent choices. You can valet at the Grand, but your right, the long blocks in heels and an evening gown may be a bit much. I finally went to Tony Chan's and if you can get past the 80's neon vibe the food is great!

                  As for Soyka's, I have never had a bad meal there. It's pretty straight forward food and throw in the door to door shuttle service and it sounds like a winner...only is that 15 a head or per party?

                  Did Karu and Y open over there yet? I heard they sank a mint into the place and that it'll be very high brow and very close to the Carnival Center.

                  Scorch on 137 and Biscayne is another potential stopping off site.

                  Otherwise, sobe is just 5 minutes across the causeway.

                  1. Lax, are you saying that somehow using a shuttle instead of your own car is easier to get out of traffic there? If so, is it because they set up parking poorly there so you cannot get out of your spot on to biscayne easily?

                    1. Net>

                      Karu is open and advertising that they have "a fleet of Mercedes (Mercedii?)" to take diners to the Carnival Center. The neighborhood is still sketchy whether you are wearing heels or packing a 9MM. The "project" is supposed to have cost $10 MIL in flowing water, frosted glass, colored marble and African wood... 71 NW 14th St, Miami; 305-403-7850


                      WHAT parking?

                      Didn't you read that the briliant minds behind the acoustically / aesthetically challenged Center built NO dedicated parking? We attended an event there recently and paid $20 to park at what was once OMNI mall. The smarty girls at the gate told my date that if he gave them extra money, we could leave the car at a premium spot on the street level of the garage instead of waiting in the looong exit line to pay the cashier a per hour fee. The bribe gets you a chance to DASH out of your seats, RUN the gauntlet of locally colorful night crawlers, DIVE back into your car, and SPEED back out of the entrance ramp to DODGE the theater goers who are still stuck in traffic.


                      I think the shuttle from Soyka is great for theater or Heat Games. the food is basic and good, the atmosphere is LOVELY late night. If you like gourmet Asian Style cuisine, Yakko San on 17040 W. Dixie Highway is opened til 3-4 on weekends and has a constant variety of what they call Japanese Tapas... all delicious! Plus, you'll be a little closer to home if you drive that far north after the show...


                      1. AG>
                        I see... spend 2 billion on an arts center w 2500 seats and no parking (typical Miami planning)...I wonder if you can get the doubletree or tony chans to do the shuttle thing too. This would put the advantage back in their court.

                        Karu & Y: I heard the place looked sterile and I also heard the food was not earth-shattering. Anyone gone yet?

                        1. Karu, big dissappointment, from the "cuisine" to the over-done decor.