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Nov 5, 2006 08:04 PM

Looking for French Bistro. Pierrot?

So I've been to Pierrot before and had a really terrific time (terrific, conservative menu, lightly disdainful French staff, the whole deal), and I'm really in the mood for some French staples. I'd be happy to go back to Pierrot, but are there other places I should be prioritizing?

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  1. Have enjoyed Pierrot as well, but also have had good luck at Petit Robert in Kenmore Square:

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      Actually, tonight, we're going to try Pigalle's $40 prix fix menu. Has anyone else tried this?

      1. re: Taralli

        I am pretty sure if you search the board for Pigalle, you'll find some positive experiences re that $40 prix fixe menu. When I was thinking of having dinner there (which unfortunately didn't happen) I remember reading about the great prix fixe meal from a few different posters here.

    2. I think Lumiere in West Newton is more than worth the trip. Not so much "tradtional" French - more contemporary French. It's elegant without being stuffy, the food is perfect and always with the freshest ingredients, the service is friendly and informative....They have a prix fixe during the week as well as their regualr menu. It's just great.

      1. Les Zygomates on South St. cures my French bistro jones every time, from Sylvia the luminous French hostess to the dozen or so 2-oz samplers I end up trying to all the wonderful French staples. And jazz most nights to boot! The ambience and the location--tucked away in the ladder district--complete the feeling that you've left Boston for a night and snuck off to Paris, circa 1920.