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Food Gift Baskets--urgent

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Help! I would like to send friends who just had a baby in Boston a gift basket of food. What do you recommend? Or for Boston-area food gifts that aren't baskets of food-- such as the delivery of a nice pie or other fresh foodstuff? I'd like to do this asap. Thanks.

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  1. Several years ago, when my mother died, some friends sent me a nice basket from someplace called Nana's, in Winthrop. This is what I found on Google: Nana's Pantry
    64 Crest Ave
    Winthrop, MA 02152View Map
    The baked goods were really homemade, and a nice assortment. Usually, I send Edible Arrangements. They're always fresh, they deliver promptly, and people rave about them. It's so much easier than a fruit basket, and the quality is really good.

    1. It's not in Boston but Zingerman's does an excellent "midnight feeding box" which includes lots of yummy goodies for the new mom and dad and a bib.


      It's not cheap but when I send it to friends they FLIP over it. Congrats to your friend. :)

      1. You can always have something delivered from Roche Brothers or Peapod.

        1. BellaCucina.com has great product. They send a beautiful basket.

          1. I'd call Formaggio Kitchen. When friends had a baby last year, this was a life-saver. Fresh baked breads, a variety of meats and cheeses, some organic fruit, maybe some local greens, etc.

            1. I have sent packages from Wasik's Cheese Shop in Wellesley many times. You can probably call them and charge it over the phone. Cheese, crackers,cakes, pies, smoked salmon, pates, sausages, chocolates, jams etc. They do a wonderful job.

              1. I've had good luck using Ruma's in Everett. They do fruit, wine and cheese, spa items, a nice selection at reasonable prices.

                1. We had a baby in July. We received many generous gifts of food for weeks. (My wife is a rabbi and the congregation pitched in and took turns feeding us.) It was so helpful. Any good food will be appreciated at this point in your friends' lives, when they are overwhelmed and sleepless and have neither time nor energy for cooking.

                  That said, I always think of Southern Candymakers in New Orleans when I'm sending food gifts. They make incredible pralines. I'd love to have one right now! Plus, they likely could use the support post-Katrina. http://www.southerncandymakers.com/St...

                  1. Don't forget Dancing Deer: http://www.dancingdeer.com
                    nice selection of cookies, brownies, cakes, etc.