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Help!!!! Added too much pepper

I am making chicken soup and added way too much coarse ground pepper by mistake. Any advise aside from starting over

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  1. Do you have more chicken broth you can dilute it with?

    Other than that, I don't know any other solution.

    1. My mother used to add potato to soup that she found too salty and simmer, but I don't think that would work for pepper. What about sugar? That's often used to ofset fiery chili heat.

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        Potatos don't work for salt, either, I'm afraid.

      2. not sure if this will help but sometimes celery seems to make things taste a little bland if you use too much when you are cooking, so you might want to try simmering some finely diced celery in the soup for a while and see if that helps. I think it would also help if you used whole peppercorns when you are making the stock for the soup rather than ground pepper. easier to control the peppery taste and then you only have to strain them out.

        1. Add chicken and vegetables and lots of rice or barley?

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            Add chicken and vegetables and lots of rice or barley?

            ^^^I think that may work^^^

            about the celery, celery is very overpowering ingredient so if you use it, I'd not chop it, I'd do whole stalks, if it's chopped you'd never be able to retrieve it out of there.

            we've all done over salting or over peppering, sorry if your meal is a bust :(

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              Agreed. I'd personally rather have way too much of almost anything other than celery, it takes over too readily.

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                yes it really does, it's very assertive.
                there's a rice dish I saw on PD's show.
                a lady was a visitor on the show and she made
                a rice dish which was odd so I paid attention.
                added to the dish was a stalk or two of celery
                then removed. the flavor added was subtle yet there.

          2. I added too much cayenne one time to a chili and the only thing that worked was cooking it down as much as possible, freezing half of it, and using the other half as a base for new soup. For me it turned out well - good luck!

            1. Don't knock it till you've tried it. Canned corn will work well just as you would use it to tame the heat of an out-of-control hot chili dish. Just use a little bit of canned corn to contrast the taste of the pepper. You're bound to like it and may even decide to include it all the time.

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                oh yes, i used frozen to help with the cayenne....did help a lot.

                1. Hello,

                  Have seen the replies, and can't believe no one has suggested putting either Lemon Juice, or Cutting a Lemon into 1/4rs.

                  Just tried this myself, as I have a too hot Chicken Chaussere Sauce (coleman's Packet Mix) with too much pepper in the ingredients. It works!! You'll need to add some sugar to counteract the soureness of the lemon - etc. but it does work!!!

                  Have noticed that when you have a hot Indian Curry from a restaurant, they add 1/2 a proper lemon. This is to squeeze onto your curry and mix in if it is too hot to neutralise the hot spices (if you want to? - why order a hot curry if you are going to cool it tho' !!!).

                  Please let me know via this website whether or not this is not a good tip.

                  Nelly K

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                    This was an easy fix to tooo much cayenne. AND it actually enhanced the flavor of the cabbage soup! Thanks.

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                      THANK YOU!! This saved my venison / veggie stew!!!! Used lemon juice and then some sugar and was able too serve to guests! Works AWESOME in chicken salad as well, start small and work up.

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                        I'm making white bean soup and got carried away with the cayenne pepper. I didn't have fresh lemon so I tried the lemon juice from a concentrate. Worked great! Thanks for saving the soup and the day!!!!!!!!!

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                          Thanks! I just had the same exact problem with a stew -- too much cayenne, did a search and found this. I didn't have lemon around, but had a lime and it worked like a charm!

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                            I made a chicken vegetable soup with waaaaay too much pepper and i added canned corn (drained) and lemon juice and a little sugar to balance it out and it is perfect! thanks to everyone for the tips.

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                              Thank you!

                              This totally worked! My soup (potato leek) also calls for cream which helped too.
                              Thanks Nelly K!

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                                I tried this and it worked. I was amazed!!!! Thanks so much you saved our dinner.

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                                  excellent tip however sometimes there is just too much pepper i now have lemon pepper vegg stew thx nell screw crock pots ive waited 8 hrs 4 ths????

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                                    It worked with my Potato Leek soup. Thanks.

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                                      AMAZING!!! Thanks so much; I just made a really big pot of chili & somehow had way too much cayenne in it. I found this via google search, but really didn't have much hope. I added just 1 tsp. of lemon juice from concentrate (which I keep in the fridge anyhow) and it made a HUGE difference. Although it's certainly edible now, I've just added another 1/4 tsp. and will serve this to a crowd tonight. AWESOME!!!

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                                        superb... it totally works. i made a lovey celery soup and put too much pepper in it, just looked on the web and found this solution, tried it and my soup is saved.
                                        thank you Nelly x

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                                          i love you!!!!!! you just saved my huge pot of soup!!!! :-)
                                          thank you!!!

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                                            Saved my sweet potato and carrot soup. Thanks brill.

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                                              Worked immediately in my vegetable barley soup. Thanks very much.

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                                                I made a mac and cheese and put a little too much cayenne in it - would the lemon work for that? I really don't want my mac and cheese to taste lemony.

                                                1. re: ellay42

                                                  So, ellay42, what's the verdict? Did you try the lemon trick, and, if so, how did it effect the flavor of your mac & cheese?

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                                                  I BBQ ribs in my crockpot and thank you for the great tip.
                                                  put in a quartered lemon with a spoonful of sugar and it tastes fine now.

                                                  1. re: nelly k

                                                    I used lime juice and it saved my vegetable soup! (This was after opening the wrong side of the course black pepper by mistake....:) thanks for the tip!

                                                  2. Added too much black pepper to gravy. The tip posted by Nelly k seemed to help me. Thanks.

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                                                      I just put waaaaay too much pepper in a big bowl of chicken salad...too bad, because the rest of it would be great if not for the spicy aftertaste. Could I add lemon juice to that, or would it mess up the sour cream and mayonnaise in it? My guess is that it would...

                                                      1. re: ohayayay

                                                        Lemon is a common ingredient in mayo. It should work fine.

                                                    2. I know this is kinda late, but to anybody else that runs across this-add a slice of bread. Its like a magnet for pepper, then just remove it.

                                                      1. the lemon thing totally works!

                                                        1. Thank you for this tid-bit. DH added WAY too much Cayenne pepper for my taste. This helped! One cap full of lemon juice did the trick (had to use what was on hand).

                                                          1. I used some of the above tips and while they helped, my soup was still too hot. So I tried another tip: Add some palm oil or any other type of oil like vegetable, coconut, olive oil to your cooking. This will reduce the effect instantly.

                                                            I added olive oil, and it tamed it quite a bit.

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                                                            1. re: Anna Marie P

                                                              If you have added too much black or white pepper just about any uncooked starch(depends on what exactly your making) will help, as well as an acid(vinegar, citrus fruit juice, etc) and sugar. Also if it will suit the recipe heavy cream or half and half will help tone it down too. If you have put too much of a hot pepper in something then it would be best to dilute the sauce, stock or soup with water or stock and strain the original(over peppered) sauce soup etc. through cheesecloth over a colander, china cap or seive of some sort, this will get the remaining pepper grounds out, you can then add sugar or brown sugar and acid to the broth, stock or sauce. I myself have not tried corn but I would assume that a nice vegitable broth or stock would be a little more satisfying. And as someone above said if its a stock use whole peppercorns instead so it is easier to strain out. Another option is olive or a nice tasting oil added to the over peppered sauce.

                                                              1. re: topchef15

                                                                Wonderful ideas, topchef15 - Thank you so much!

                                                            2. Overly-peppered vegetable barley was completely remedied with lemon juice, immediately. In fact I could've done without the sugar. Thank you to the person suggesting it.

                                                              1. I used the suggestion above and added lemon to an onion garlic soup I was making to help fight a cold. I added too much cayenne when I added in some chicken broth and the lemon juice worked perfectly to counteract the over abundance of cayenne. One thing I changed from above is that I decided to add honey (carefully) instead of sugar to sweeten up the sourness from the lemon and it turned out great! (FYI I topped the onion garlic soup with some croutons and melted parmesan cheese and it was delicious!)

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                                                                  I get that lemon juice and a little sugar or honey will quiet the cayenne in soups and chili, but how about a brisket? Lemon isn't the flavor I'm hoping for.

                                                                2. damn thanks - crab soup - added too much black pepper - was way too hot - read recipe wrong - instinct was lemon juice but didn't add enough till read post - plus a little sugar - perfect and my husband is not divorcing me <3

                                                                  1. This post was so helpful to me! I just made jambalaya for the 1st time and way too much cayenne! I tried one capful of lemon juice against my better judgement - and it made it perfect!!! No lemony taste - just less pepper - thank you for not wasting3
                                                                    a pot of great food!

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                                                                    1. I can't thank you all enough! I made a big pot of chili and went a little overboard on the red pepper. I added some lemon juice (a little goes a long way) and some olive oil. Just amazing!

                                                                      1. just ruined a potato leek soup. Alton Brown said to add 1 tsp white pepper. Way too much but lemon juice and sugar totally worked.

                                                                        1. There is no such thing as too much ground pepper. If you insist, add a lot of the rest of the ingredients.

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                                                                            Exactly what I was going to say. I can never get enough pepper.

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                                                                              well actually there is. a hundred years ago I was making a vegetable beef soup from scratch, an all day affair. my stepfather came over, lived next door, to get something for mom. he was an incredible cook and often blew me away with his vegetable soup and beans and rice. asked what I was making as he could smell it, went to the stove and spooned a bit to taste. said, "oh it needs pepper", unscrewed the pepper to see it was in fact pepper, (copper (or something) s&p shakers) screwed back on and shook pepper. top fell off, boatload of pepper into my soup. he felt awful, I was ticked.

                                                                            2. I usually don't put too much pepper in soup before it is served. I find that the black pepper falls to the bottom. I would heat the soup gently and let it sit for a while then ladle it out of the kettle without disturbing the pepper that has settled to the bottom.

                                                                              1. Add sour cream as a topping to the dish to go with every bite . It does wonders!

                                                                                1. Add sour cream as a topping to go with each bite (after diluting it as much as possible), it does wonders!

                                                                                  1. Thank you so much ! I have made a huge batch of spegetti sauce. Simmering and adding to it all day..Then came the too much black pepper..you saved it..Squeezed in one whole lemon. Tastes great. Phew.<3