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Nov 5, 2006 07:20 PM

Best of SOBE ?

We're visiting SouthBeach for the first time in years...we're in our 40s and would love to try some great restaurants, but not too flashy/loud or wildly overpriced. Thanks for your suggestions.
(We tend to favor fish/vegetables - we're not 'steak people.') Thank you!

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  1. I've recently become a fan of Le Bon. They have great steamed mussels, fries and a good list of Belgian beers. It's in the 700 block of Lincoln, I believe.

    1. Le Bon is good (just went there tonight actually!) but the Belgian food doesn't give much of a sense of local flavor, especially if you're not a regular visitor.

      One of my favorites is Talula around 23rd & Collins. Much more laid back place than most on South Beach, and excellent food with a good variety of fish to choose from usually. "Wildly overpriced" is a relative thing. I think Talula has gotten pretty pricey (apps mostly over $15 and mains mostly over $30) but that's not outrageous by SoBe standards.

      A few other places which are good for some local flavor are Nemo, Pacific Time, and Yuca. All are probably around the same range, and because they've been around a while are not overwhelmingly "scene-y".

      My wife just went to Macaluso's this past week and thought it was great. Old school Italian, the whole menu is on a chalkboard, don't try to ask for substitutions, etc. Rosinella on Lincoln Road is also good for simple, good Italian (gnocchi are very good there and I love their vitello tonnato).

      1. I like Le Bon only on the happy hour special between 5:30-7, otherwise it is overpriced, but still good. It is a bargain during happy hour.

        Osteria Del Teatro - Best non-chain restaurant in miami not overly flashy and much more quiet now that crobar is under renovations
        Nobu - realize it is a chain but it is the best if you get
        their specialty dishes -- not their sushi. Flashy and loud btw
        Joes Stone Crab - tough to beat their king crab claws...a miami beach institution, you should go at least once. Not flashy but loud.
        Prime 112 - The steakhouse where you should not order steak. Awesome mac & cheese, onion soup, lobster bisque...Flashy and loud but a different kind of flashy and loud than Nobu
        Talula- great place fits your requirements
        Nemo - ditto
        Alta Mar - you will really like this fish place that is not loud or flashy and has great food
        Sardinia - strong newcomer is not flashy but is loud though. Otherwise it is right up your alley. Go for lunch if you want quiet...
        Macaluso's - I like their lunch spot better than their dinner spot, because there are no hassles to eating there and all their best stuff is available for lunch.
        Grazie-very good but not as good as osteria
        Joe Allens

        1. Oops I forgot Tuscan steak, where the steak is very good but so is everything else, especially the gnocci gorgonzola.

          Also, you can try Fanucci's which is not quite as good as macalusos but is solid and is not nearly as expensive.