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Nov 5, 2006 07:16 PM

Sammys Trattoria (Baltimore)

The restaurant on N. Charles St where Limoges and Tampico used to be. Haven't been but I like to try neighbor hood places. Anyone know if decent? What its prices/menu are like, etc.?

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  1. I went to Sammy's trattoria this evening. I ordered a chicken Parm, which was wonderful, a rich tomato sauce with a spice, fresh mozzarella, and a large portion of pan friend chicken. my dinner date ordered penne iin vodka which he described as "exactly what he wanted" the food came out quickly and the service was welcoming and friendly.
    i highly recommend this place. I was skeptical at first but I will definately go back.

    1. I was there once - food was good - an old fashioned Italian restaurant - prices weren't crazy - my one complaint was that it was noisy. They also have valet parking - at least on week-ends which helps.

      1. Great food, great staff and very reasonably priced for the large portion size!

        I believe they have also started a family style type menu offering with extra large portions to share.

        Its probably best to call and get a reservation especially on weekends, as its a popular spot to go before and after the Symphony, and the bar area is pretty small so not much room for standing around and waiting.