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Nov 5, 2006 07:15 PM

Where is Piantadosi?

I moved to Boston a few months ago, and I just ate at Moogy's today. The Cheesesteak had the best bread I've found outside of Philly, so I had to ask them where they got it. They said it was from Piantadosi. I came home and tried to find any info online about the bakery, but the best I could find were a few mentions on Chowhound, and no address.

Can someone please tell me where it is located?


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    1. re: hoohah

      Do you know the actual location? I know it's in Malden based on the other chowhound posts, but that hasn't helped in trying to find the actual address.

      1. re: bza

        Across from Stop & Shop off rt. 80

    2. The Piantedosi store is around the corner from Stop N Shop, at 240 Commercial St. See, click on "Contact Us".

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      1. re: breadlover

        ah, I had the wrong spelling.

        Thank you so much!

      2. While your stopping for your bread don't forget to go (almost next door) to Doms Sausage and get some of their marinated tips. Or just pick up some of the marinade itself and do your own chicken, tips, pork etc.

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        1. re: MeffaBabe

          Oooohh and their sausages! I grew up in Malden and Dom's sausages with some sauteed onions & peppers can't be beat!

          Piantedosi does make the best bread. I was so spoiled because EVERY sub shop in town used them and it wasn't till I left town that I discovered how gross most sub rolls are. Don't get me started on Subway's fresh baked garbage.

          1. re: InmanSQ Girl

            Yup- love their bread, and love Dom's, too. I will have to take the tip from meffababe and try their marinated tips. Have only got sausages there- though I do remember an Italian friend from Malden ( Pearl Stree, no less!) used to buy their frozen meatballs when serving a crowd. Never had them, but remember being shocked when I heard this!
            I still go to Piantedosi's from time to time. Always buy an extra frecnh bread, as the still warm loaf usually does not make it home in one p iece!

        2. The store is not quite on that corner near Stop and SHop. It is further down Commercial Street on the left hand side. you pake in the loading dock area and walk into the factory.