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Nov 5, 2006 06:42 PM

Where to eat alone in Tucson?

I'll be in Tucson for 4 nights starting tomorrow. It's business, and I don't think I know any of the people I'll be meeting with, so want to be prepared to fend for myself. I'll be staying at Williams Center, and will have a car - would like to know if there are any restaurants in the area that are particularly friendly to single diners - i.e., community table, or good bar menu.


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  1. I don't know about Montana Ave's bar menu, but the bar seating there is large, and very stylish.

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      Had the worst lunch at Montana. Nothing that was supposed to be hot was hot. Could pick up the cast iron pot the mac'n cheese was in, and the cheese on top was solid. One salad, the beet, was good, everything else was either overcooked and served cold (skirt steak fajitas style), or just plain BLAND! Obviously an off day, they took the three entrees off the bill. Won't be returning any time soon. All this after the bisque that was served very first was cold and we told them this right off the bat. Is anyone listening? Mr. Fox needs to be more present.

    2. Several good restaurants serve at the bar. They include: Vivace (Italian); North and Zin Bistro (both Fox Restaurants); and Terra Cotta. I think only Terra Cotta, from among them, has a special bar menu. I'm partial to Terra Cotta's burger (although, having been to Delux in Phoenix), I'm not as partial to it as I was.)

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        I used to love Terra Cotta, but our last 4 meals there were mediocre at best, so I'm giving up.

      2. The Park Place Mall is in the vicinity and there is a Bamboo Club - while somewhat commercial to some - I seem to recall good bar specials (Martini's and Apps) - plus I happen really like their version of Orange Chicken and the Calamari Salad. Also, a bit of a drive but I used to eat at the bar at the Metro Grill almost every Monday night for about a year while traveling to Tucson. Metro Grill is at Oracle and McGee (about 1/2 mile north of Ina). Finally maybe someone remembers the name of the Bakery/Deli off of Campbell - that could be an option as well.


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          Metro Grill is probably 15 miles away; however, across a mall entrance from Bamboo Club is Metropolitan Grill (same owner as Metro Grill, with a very similar menu). Food is OK, an dthe 16 screen theatre is just inside the mall.

          The "bakery/deli" is, I suspect, Beyond Bread. Great food and a terrific value!!! One location is on Campbell between Glenn and Ft. Lowell, but a second location--same menu, same everything--is at Speedway and Wilmot, about two miles from Williams Centre.

          One other thought: the owner of Vivace had opened a place called Intermezzo, an Italian cafe with a menu of sandwiches, salads and entrees. The food was great! Then, the restaurant was sold, and I've heard nothing since.

        2. We have enjoyed J Bar- next door to Janos at the Westin LaPaloma. Good tasty food and a yummy dark chocolate spicy margarita...

          1. I would recommend Feast. Feast has both a nice wine bar, and a large, friendly community table. The staff and clientele are both typically friendly, and the food is nicely varied.

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              Excellent recommendation. Excellent food and very unpretentious.