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I can't seem to find Andrew Coleman's name anywhere on the listing of editors of this magazine. Has he left Saveur? To go where? Why?
I attended a food writers panel at the Texas Book Fair some years back where he was the moderator and thoroughly enjoyed his comments, as well as his articles in Saveur. Anyone have any information?

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  1. His name is Coleman Andrews. If you want to Google for it there is an interview with him on NPR from last January. I think he moved on. I know I came across something about where he was going next. I can't remember at the moment.

    1. You are so right about the name. Don't know how I messed that up..perhaps more senior moments than I care to admit.
      Thanks for the correction and I'll google him

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        For the record, it's Colman Andrews, and Ruth Reichl.

      2. It was originally reported back in July in Mediaweek, "James Oseland, who was previously Saveur's managing editor has replaced Andrews."

        Andrews is going to occasionally going to show up in Gourmet (which provided much fodder for the press considering his well-known affair with Gourmet's editor, Ruth Reichel) as well as work on a personal memoir.

        1. I, too, noticed the change in this month's Saveur. I am a long-time reader and subscriber of this magazine. The latest issue is hard to distinguish from an issue of Gourmet, what with all the glossy automobile ads and "special advertising" sections. I don't think this is an improvement to my (once) favorite publication.

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            I read the editorial, its a new editor.

          2. James Oseland, the new editor, is the author of "Cradle of Flavor" and a believer in regional cuisine, or at least he gives that impression in his writing.

            1. is he still around? Who am I thinking of who died recently?

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                You are thinking of R.W. Apple who contributed to Saveur.

              2. I also noticed that Colman Andrews has joined Gourmet. I then checked my Saveur and couldn't find his name there. I am alarmed! Colman Andrews and Saveur were one in the same in my mind. I have just renewed a subscription to Saveur as a gift to some friends in the UK. I hope it continues to be a great magazine or it will be too depressing. Time will tell. If it goes downhill, at least I'll have my back issues...and perhaps Gourmet will continue improving...

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                  "...Andrews is leaving to finish a memoir on his life in food and to pursue other projects." from Media Week

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                    He's got something in the latest Gourmet -- haven't gone thru the magazine yet.

                2. Is it just me, or did the latest issue of Saveur seem a little dumbed-down? A whole boxed item on worcestershire sauce that reveals...gasp...that it actually contains anchovies! Please.

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                    It is not just you -- maybe it is just you and me, Celeste, but I agree with you. I am a long time reader/subscriber of Saveur. This last issue was a great disappointment. After I had looked through it, I turned to the masthead and discovered that the editor had changed. I am hoping this was a once-only.

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                      It wasn't just the features...I thought that the recipes were pretty bad, too. C'mon, a baked ham recipe? Who on earth needs more casserole recipes? While I can appreciate an article about the casserole's role in 20th century american cooking, I don't need a recipe for tuna casserole or shepherd's pie! For a moment, I thought I was reading Rachael Ray and not Saveur.

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                        Since magazines are finished many months before they go to press, it seems unlikely that Andrews recent departure resulted in changes to the Nov or Dec issues. I would imagine he oversaw the issues that will come out for many more months.

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                          I'm so happy to read these comments - not because I hate Saveur and want to dog on it, but because I love the magazine and I've been pretty disappointed with it lately. I want it to be its original, uneven, uber detailed, faintly rambly, quirky, intellectual self. The new feel - and I've been irritated and wistful since the The Great Font Change - is too slick, too corporate, too bland. It's getting positively antiseptic. If that's what I wanted, couldn't I go buy Gourmet? I mean.... snooze. I want food articles by people who are not food writers. I want to read about non-food things from theperspective of food people. I want more substance. I never subscribed to a food magazine before Saveur.

                          But - yeah, I was afraid I was just getting too navel-gazy and prickly to appreciate an old favorite. Good - well, not good, validating, really - to hear that it's changed from the perspective of other readers. I do hope they get back to what we liked about it in the first place.

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                            I stopped subscribing to Saveur. Couldn't really say why, just a vague feeling it was getting too bland and less interesting. The recipes didn't "grab" me like they did before.

                            I think you hit all the reasons I was thinking. I guess the fonts were symbolic of their Great Change for Better Prosperity.

                            I'd return if they restored their old style, and challenged my imagination again.

                  2. There were some interesting comments on this on Egullet. I think there is a link some where on this site. James Oseland himself posted a comment on Egullet to reassure readers that Saveur is going strong. That in itself kind of concerns me, but i guess all I can do is wait and see. I remember reading that Ruth Reichl and Colman Andrews were an item many many moons ago. I wonder if that will have any effect on Mr. Colman's contributions to Gourmet

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                      Ruth and Colman's affair was chronicled with great detail in one of her memoirs.