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Nov 5, 2006 06:25 PM

Seeking a good latte in the West End

Tired of the Starbucks/Second Cup routine and looking for a cozy environment with the Eurostyle wide-mouthed mugs (if possible). I'm in Little Italy, but I'm willing to travel anywhere on Queen W/Dundas W/Bloor W and so on.

Any and all recommendations appreciated.

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  1. You're in Little Italy and you're having trouble finding a great latte?

    Bar Italia has great coffee, but perhaps not quite the right vibe. Dooney's in the Annex makes a great latte. (Neither has the French-style cafe au lait bowls, but that's not a bad thing. I find coffee gets cold too quickly in those.)

    But the best coffee I've had in Toronto is at Ideal Coffee in Kensington Market (84 Nassau). They roast their own beans, and the espressos and lattes rock. (If you want a cozier Kensington experience, go to Moonbean on St. Andrew.)

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    1. re: estragon

      I guess I should've specified I'm looking for a comfortable, loungey environment in which to consume this latte. I'm aware that espressos and lattes are plentiful in the area, but I find the interiors too formal or uninviting to spend a few hours inside.

      But thank you for the nods, I may check out Moonbean as I've read similar descriptions...

      1. re: SxCx

        i'm assuming you're likely to be most interested in west west but i personally enjoy the following... i don't tend to look for the big mouthed lattes either, so i can't comment on if they're available or not.

        art square (dundas st west) - not that far west but while the decor is contemporary and there's a minimalist feel to the place, the service is sweet and playful (they're oftening joking with each other while rolling truffles or putting together your crepe order) and with free wi-fi it's a paradise for sitting as long as you like. there are seats at tables, no couches except for the art area, but no one blinks an eye if you stay for 2 minutes or 2 hours. they serve mostly illy coffee and have fantastic fresh juices. they tend to aim for organic free trade. i'm not particularly fond of their truffles in that they exhibit an amateurs had at creating chocolate, but they do have some interesting flavours. LOVE their "thousand island" dressing.

        moonbean, as specified before, very eclectic type of feel... i enjoy the coffee there immensely and am looking to get into their tea scene.

        tequila bookworm (queen st west) - the service is appalling slow and sometimes ridiculous in forgetfulness... but the benefit is that they don't care how long you stay. tables with chairs, couches, etc... the atmosphere is such that you want to bring a blanket and cuddle up.

        wagamama (king st west) - a little south i know but they love to leave you be unless you need something. i've heard people have had neglectful service there but no problems for me. i think they have one of the better croissants in the city (absolutely buttery).

        1. re: SxCx

          You might enjoy Tre Mari bakery on St. Clair, in the heart of Corso Italia. Very old-world and not formal at all.

      2. My favorite coffee/latte/ at Tri Colore Bar on St Clair just West of Dufferin at Via can make your day just to stop and enjoy a coffee...Miranda

        1. perhaps one of the best lattes I've ever had, and have on an ongoing basis, is made at Luna on Dovercourt just north of Queen... and its a lovely place to sit and while some time away

          1. Bar Italia -- where we go when jonesing for the best latte ever

            1. "It's not a deli" on Queen W just east of Ossington has a marvelous latte that they sweeten with maple syrup - it's lovely. They also double as an art gallery, but you can hang out and talk to the friendly owners or surf on the net with free wireless for as long as you like. If you get a seat by the large windows at the front, the people watching is so much fun!

              Cafe taste in Parkdale has amazing pressed and european coffee and the atmosphere is very tranquil - a lot of dark wood and rustic furniture. You can hang out there for as long as you like too, just to read the paper or chat with the owner.