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Nov 5, 2006 05:33 PM

Cook's Illustrated Cookbook

I'm considering getting Cook's Illustrated "The Best 30 Minute Recipe Cookbook" for my sister. Has anybody tried any of the recipes?

I'm looking for something in the "quick & easy" (but of course delicious) category, so if not this book, is there another good one out there?


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  1. though i have no experience yet from best 30 min recipe,i've gotten my mom both the best recipe and the best baking books from cook's illustrated. they are definetely both winners. maybe i'll get my mom the best 30 for xmas, thanks for the idea!

    1. Here's a recent thread on the same question. I haven't made anything from it, but flipping through it, there are a lot of delicious-sounding recipes.

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        Thanks so much for the link! I did a search, but didn't come across it. I am ordering it for my sister, but with a 2 year old and a 6 week old, it sounds like I have to order one for myself too!

      2. I really like the 2 cooks illustrated cookbooks I have, but beware ordering from them directly, they may put you in a "book club" and it is very irritating to spend months trying to get out of it.

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          My wife ordered "American Classics" for me and we didn't end up in a book club. We do subscribe to the magazine though. Perhaps that's why.


        2. I can't remember trying a Cook's Illustrated recipe I didn't like :) They do a great job, but I've not checked out the 30 minute recipes.

          1. Oftentimes you can find great new unused copies of CI books on eBay. Prices are very low.