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Nov 5, 2006 05:04 PM

Uses for anadana powder (powdered dried pomegrantie seeds) ???

It was an impulse buy in a Mid-Eastern store. Any uses for this?

I misunderstood the word "powder". It is sort of like coursely ground pepper with the seeds a little too hard to be pleasant in yogurt.

Looking around it seems to be used in Indian cooking too. It is so unlikely that I am going to make my own Indian food from scratch. So could I add them to something I buy at an Indian restaurant. If so, what would they work in best and how much should I add?

If these get cooked long enough, do they soften? I don't like the way these get stuck in my teeth when they are hard. They are gritty.

Is this just plain old pomegranite seeds or a special wild pomegranite seed? The brand I bought was MDH. The taste is sour and a little citrusy. Sort of the sour type of taste of SweeTarts, but not sweet.

I have a feeling I'm just going to wind up writing off the $1.75 and tossing the stuff, so any ideas would be great. I hate wasting stuff.

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  1. rworange - I did exactly the same thing! I was in Samosa House, an Indian store in the Los Angeles area, and they had a wonderful assortment of spices. As I perused the shelves, I saw this anadana powder and thought it might give some "kick" to something???? But I, too, like you, have not found much use for it. It is very gritty when used as is, and I was told that it must be cooked in something.

    I like to make yogurt mixes with chicken and Indian spices, and then put this over pasta or rice. When I make this, I always cook the spices (curry, tumeric, hot paprikas, cardamom, all spice, cinnamon, etc.) in a little butter to toast them before I add the yogurt and chicken or lamb. I think I will add some of this anadana powder next time and hope that something exotic happens!

    Please post if you learn to use it any other ways. Thanks! Perhaps calling for help on the Home Cooking Board will result in some interesting suggestions, too.

    1. I have seen recipes that use pom seed powder in chutney to enhance a sweet/sour flavor to the dish.

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          RicRios - This looks pretty simple and delicious. I will try it...thanks!