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Nov 5, 2006 04:53 PM

Kosher vegetarian catering? [Moved from Outer Boroughs]

I am planning a Kosher weekend wedding event in Glen Cove, LI and my fiancee and I are both pretty discerning vegetarians. Although we do not keep kosher, some of guets keep strict kosher and we would like to accomodate them as well as to bring in a caterer that will specialize in creative dairy/vegetarian food. We are not serving any fish.

Any ideas would be gretaly appreciated.


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  1. Simply Delicious is a great Kosher caterer--foodwise. Service wise I have issues with them. When I called them for price quote for an event I was planning, they did not get back to me with a quote and I wound up using somebody else.

    1. Our wedding (last year) was kosher/vegetarian. Caterer was Avril K. Food was fantastic. They work wonders with cheese and veggies (and fish too). I have their info at home, can post it when I get home tonight. They are located somewhere in Westchester--(i forget where exactly). The editors will probably move this post to kosher board, fyi.

        1. How about Kosher Creations a very creative caterer in Manhattan, look at their web site and if it seems good check them out. its just the name of the company and .com

          1. The original comment has been removed