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Kosher vegetarian catering? [Moved from Outer Boroughs]

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I am planning a Kosher weekend wedding event in Glen Cove, LI and my fiancee and I are both pretty discerning vegetarians. Although we do not keep kosher, some of guets keep strict kosher and we would like to accomodate them as well as to bring in a caterer that will specialize in creative dairy/vegetarian food. We are not serving any fish.

Any ideas would be gretaly appreciated.


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  1. Simply Delicious is a great Kosher caterer--foodwise. Service wise I have issues with them. When I called them for price quote for an event I was planning, they did not get back to me with a quote and I wound up using somebody else.

    1. Our wedding (last year) was kosher/vegetarian. Caterer was Avril K. Food was fantastic. They work wonders with cheese and veggies (and fish too). I have their info at home, can post it when I get home tonight. They are located somewhere in Westchester--(i forget where exactly). The editors will probably move this post to kosher board, fyi.

        1. How about Kosher Creations a very creative caterer in Manhattan, look at their web site and if it seems good check them out. its just the name of the company and .com