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Nov 5, 2006 04:08 PM

Kebab and Curry's expanded menu

The menu's almost twice as long as it used to be, although not all of the new items was yet available as of last Friday. Notable additions were tandoori lamb chops (a bit overcooked, but flavorful), and two biryanis. Prices have gone up a bit on most items, and the different naans, daily specials, and drinks are now listed. Enjoy!

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  1. Is this the Kebab and Curry in Santa Rosa?

    1. I think it's the one in Mountain View off of El Camino

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        Oops! It's the one just off El Camino in Santa Clara @ 1498 Isabella Street. Sorry about that!

        1. I just posted my review of Kabab and Currys
          (Incidentally I thought I posted it before but couldn't find a record of it using the search function. Of course there are 3 or more spellings of "kabab" so who knows?)

          Kabab and Currys in Santa Clara: This Place Is a Total (Halal) Sausage Factory

          Please tell me the menu still says "The Variables" at the top. That's too bad the prices went up. It already costs us $20 after tip for two dishes off the menu and naan, so it's quickly become a not-all-that-cheap option. Still it's one of the best lunch options in Silicon Valley. Don't believe me? Check out all the cabs outside when you go. There's a reason the cab drivers come here.

          Kabab and Currys
          1498 Isabella St. (just off El Camino Real
          )Santa Clara, CA 95050
          (408) 247-0745

          1. Kabab & Curry in Santa Rosa isn't very good. One of our curry dishes tasted burned, and a few of the other entrees were warm, not hot. Manager kept visiting our table and was annoying.

            1. Upon some recommendations tried Kebab & Curry in Santa Rosa again. Sorry to say, the food & service left much to criticize. Just thought I would share, so others don't waste their money.

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