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Nov 5, 2006 03:54 PM

Dinner or lunch in Rockingham, VT near Vermont Country Store?

We are going to take a drive from central CT to the Vermont Country Store in Rockingham next weekend. What's up that way for lunch or dinner? We may end up heading back towards Deerfield,Mass to Yankee Candle on the way what's around there that's good for dinner? Nothing formal but casual and good. Thanks, Richie

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  1. There is a Mexican restuarant across the line in Chester that is o.k., I think it is called Azteca, the Golden Egg in Saxton's River does mexican breakfasts and lunches, there is an Italian Deli in Bellows Falls who's name escapes me but it is right on the canal, The Miss Bellows Falls Diner is a great old diner although the food isn't all that special. You didn't ask about Brat., but you could find lots of postings if you search, I would recommend the two Indian places, and Shin La a Korean restaurant. You might like The Peples Pint in Greenfield for beer and food.

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      The deli in Bellows Falls is called BOCCELLIS

    2. A few years ago we ate at Raspberries and Thyme in Chester VT. The sandwiches were huge and the sides tasted homemade and a nice change from chips. It's in a big old Victorian house right in the center of town.

      1. For lunch, try Baba-a-Louis bakery in Chester:
        It's a casual, serve-yourself soup and sandwich lunch, but all very fresh and delicious. Great quiches and pizzas.

        Or the Bryant House, which is right next to the Vt. Country Store, for very yankee traditional fare.

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          NB: The Bryant House is next to the VCS in Weston. Not a bad option at all, but sort of out of the way if you're visiting the VCS in Rockingham.

          That said, it's almost worth driving the extra 20 miles to Weston. That's where the original store is; the village of Weston is quite a bit more charming than the open stretch of Route 103 where sits the Rockingham branch.

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            D'oh! Thanks for clarifying. My reading comprehension is a bit off today!

        2. Hey, GG sound like you are from Pioneer Valley..have you been to this Butternuts place in Hadley? I'm always leary of any place that calls itself an "eatery"

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          1. re: Big Fat Moe

            My parents went to BUTTERNUTS and said that it was awfull.

          2. Is the Weston store better than the Rockingham store? Thanks.

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            1. re: javaandjazz

              The Weston store is far superior to the Rockingham store, except the rockingham store has flush toilets.

              1. re: mr breadpuddin

                Weston Store also has flush toilets. The Rochingham store is greatly enlarged and has nearly everything (everything, for all I know) that the Weston Store has.