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Nov 5, 2006 03:50 PM

dc sunday liquor laws

Good Day,

I'm at the Washington Hilton and will be attending a dinner tonight to which I was hoping to take some wine.

A quick walk around finds all the liquor stores closed.

These all sold hard liquor, so I'm assuming there are no Sunday sales.

Does this apply to wine also?

If not, is there a recommended wine store near the hotel.


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  1. I'm not familiar with the exact location of your hotel...but wine is mostly sold in wine stores or grocery stores around here. There is a great wine store in Dupont called Best Cellars (1643 Connecticut Ave, NW)...I believe it is open on Sundays. I'm sure you could always ask the conceirge and they could direct you to a wine seller. Also, there are three Whole Foods Grocery Store locations in DC...they have a nice wine selection.

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      Best Cellars is not open on Sunday, wish they were though. If heading to Whole Foods, make sure you go to the Glover Park location as they are the only ones who sell wine. For a great wine selection (believe it or not) head to the independent Rodmans Grocery Store on Wisconsin Ave between Tenley Town and Friendship Heights. Great selection of beer and wines from all over the world, and they sell on Sunday. They will also have all kinds of ethnic foods that you just won't find anywhere else and the general store in the basement is worth checking out to relive days gone by.

    2. Try walking south from your hotel on Connecticut Avenue toward Dupont Cirle. There are a lot of small markets in that neighborhood catering to the residents.

      ABC laws in DC prohibit the sale of hard liquor on Sundays and resrict hours during the week. Stores that sell hard liquor consequently close on Sundays since it's too hard to segregate the stock. Some small markets have beer and wine licenses but there aren't many downtown near major hotels. They are largely located in residential neighborhoods such as Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Captital Hill, etc.
      Regulations in DC prohibit more than one license per owner so Whole Foods can have only one liquor license regardless of the number of stores it has. This is why the Capital Hill Safeway sells alcohol but the Georgetown and other Safeways can't. Check if the WF has wine sales if you decide to go there; none of their locations is close to the Hilton.

      1. Thanks for the info. Going to the Whole Foods on P made for a nice walk.