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Nov 5, 2006 02:39 PM

Truffle Risotto? Where's the best

at this time of year, I've been known to sit at a bar and just order the white truffle risotto at Bymark (sooo good, plate costs what a full meal would elsewhere, but worth it).

Noce's truffle risotto, tossed in the parma wheel is topnotch too. . .

where else do you all find the best white truffle risotto? Anyone tried the white truffle tasting menut at Mistura?

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  1. By no means can I say it is the best, but the truffle risotto at Romagna Mia is delicious. HOWEVER, the version I've had is on their regular menu and does not have fresh white truffle shaved over it. I plan to find out tomorrow if a fresh truffle version is seasonally available.

    1. I am so glad to respond to the posting above about the overrated Romagna Mia a place we recently visited on our holiday in Toronto, the risotto specialty prepared at our table was not edible, perhaps the person making it goofed on this one occasion, but it was tough and we could not eat it. One of us had had it a couple of times before and could therefore confirm the failure despite the restaurant's objections. The person had said we were wrong that it was al dente and continued to harrass us, to tell us we didnt know what we were talking about (we are world travellers and one had a long career in hospitality field including having been in manager position in one of the famous restaurants in toronto) but we were starving after a busy day sightseeing and would have gladly eaten it if at all possible. His attitude ruined our evening even more so, not only were we hungry and discouraged but insulted by his demeanor. We did not ask to return it as it was beyond repair, we just notified him and his response was unapologetic and argumentive; he had the nerve to return again later without reason to say in a condescending voice that their risotto is al dente (fine if you want to break a tooth!),etc and talk about all his credentials in an ebulliant manner. He said he was in charge! My pasta was tasty but the whole evening was ruined, enough to give you indigestion. Will never go back, so unacceptable behaviour. We had a lovely time otherwise in neighboring restaurants with great ambience, kindness and ironically less expensive than romagna mia but all those meals succeeded and we were treated in a courteous manner. Thanks to chowhound we enjoyed many tasty meals eg.Wish on charles st west for dinner and brunch, osgoode hall restaurant for lunch, izakaya and spring roll restaurants for "pickmeups", le petit dejeuner, hothouse brunch, king's garden restaurant in theatre district, and grazing at st. lawrence market and sampling brews in the distillery district. Can hardly wait to return to try some others on my list compiled from your suggestions.

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        I am surprised to hear about your negative experience at Romagna Mia. I have been there numerous times and have enjoyed the food, ambiance and staff. I would also say that it is one om favorite restaurants in the city. I would say their truffle risotto is very good along with Mistura. I am Italian and have lived in Italy and have tasted risottos all over. Via Allegro also has good risotto and recently one an award for their risotto. Happy to hear you enjoyed some of the city's other restaurants and brews in the Distillery District.

      2. Lai Wah Heen is offering a 7-course truffles menu at $128 for two, I think truffles with rice is one of the items (probably Chinese style). If any one is interested I'll try to find the ad and post the menu.

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        1. re: Teep

          Yes please.
          There's nothing on their website.
          And most of their special dinners only seem to be advertised in the Asian press.

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              OK, the Lai Wah Heen menu shows 7 a la carte items, but also say there is a 6-course tasting menu ($128 for two), without saying which 6.

              Truffle flavoured pastry with quail and lotus root/$12
              Truffle, chicken, squash consomme/$10
              Truffle & scallop roulade/$28
              Truffle scented cornish hen/$24
              Beef tenderloin rolled with truffles & enoki/$24
              Noodles tossed with lobster & truffles/$18
              Seafood fried rice topped with truffles/$16

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                Thanks so much for the follow up teep!

                is this for dinner only?

                1. re: s0memale

                  YW! Didn't really say. They have some new dimsum items with truffles too. You can give them a call to find out.

          1. I was at Splendido last night and the risotto on the tasting menu had a $20 supplement for shaved white truffles on top. It really made the dish a lot better...I think!

            1. I agree with Romagna Mia...once a great lil resto. Now, don't even bother. Been a long time fan over the past 6-7 years, and each visit gets worse and more expensive. Plus, Gabriele is hardly ever there anymore. If I go, I try to stay away from the bumbling 'old school waiters' and look for someone new to serve me. Last time we were there, I had to go home and get my collection of Italian cookbooks to give the old guys a lesson in true northern Italian cuisine.

              Anyway...back to the risotto...I would definately trust someone of high reputable calibre such as Mark McEwan or David Lee or Marc Thuet with true white truffles. Anyone else...I'm not so sure yet. And as for the presenting and tossing of the risotto in the Parmigiano wheels...not only is it truly disgusting and extremely un-hygenic, its what they do in Verona at all the tourist restaurants. A true Chef would never do that!