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Nov 5, 2006 02:13 PM

expresso pot restoration?????

how do i clean up a stove top expresso pot,imported from italy.....the water boils up without any ill effects no odor or bad taste's but has lost it's sheen...thanks

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  1. If it's aluminum, aluminum loses its sheen - if you like permanent shiny enough to spend $$ for it, you can get a stainless steel mokka pot.

    You could polish this one up, but it's going to reoxide anyway and that patina prevents further corrosion to some extent. Unless you so want to end up ill effects, odors, etc, keep any cleanser/plish far away from the interior, or the removable parts. Even only semi-purists like me try to avoid getting even regular soap in there..

    1. Don't polish the pot. Its the patina, the oxide that prevents the bad taste. I use aluminum pots for making homebrewed beer and if I remove the oxide layer through vigorous scrubbing, a metallic flavor can ensue. So leave it dull...