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Caramel Apple Report (with PHOTOS).............

Well...I 2x'd the recipe (I posted a couple of weeks ago), and was able to get 24 caramel apples out of it. I covered them with chunks of Butterfinger, then drizzled over some Callebaut chocolate (Photos Below).

The "leftover" caramel was poured onto nonstick foil, then sprinkled with Malden Sea Salt (I've yet to taste it--put it in the fridge and forgot about it!)

Caramel Apples Before the Chocolate was Drizzled Over:

The Whole "Batch":

Closer View:

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  1. Congrats- they look yummy! Sounds like your creativity paid off - they are almost too pretty to eat. How was the salted caramel? Also, what are the orange and yellow hersheys kiss looking thingys?

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    1. re: ClaireLiz

      Thanks. I've yet to try my salted caramels. The orange and yellow candies are called "Kissables", basically miniature Hershey's kisses covered with a candy coating--tasty.

    2. Those look great, FWF! I'll have to try your recipe this season. Here's a link to the recipe for those interested:

      Where do you buy the wooden dowels from? Does a regular supermarket like Safeway carry them or do I need to go to a craft or hardware store?

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      1. re: Carb Lover

        Thanks for the link Carb Lover.

        Cake supply (and sometimes party supply) stores will have them. There are usually 100 per bag, so you will be good for a few "seasons"!

        1. re: Funwithfood

          If you don't want 100, you could buy a few long dowels from the hardware store. Cost will depend on how thick the dowel is, but 50 cents do a dollar will get a dowel a yard long. That should be enough for six apples. I would cut them into six inch long sticks, then sharpen each stick with a pencil sharpener. The whole process should take you under three minutes for six dowels.

          How do I dream up such clever ideas? This is how I make knitting needles on the cheap. You, of course, will not need to sand, polish, and laquer/paint your dowels.

          Funwithfood, I don't even like candy apples but I would happily take a bite of yours.

      2. these are beautiful! very pro-looking!

        say....haven't I seen that garden bench somewhere before? :)

        1. Funwithfood...these look fantastic and utterly over the top!! I had to chuckle...this is why we are all "chowhounds", I could totally relate to that presentation!!!(Most would have stopped at caramel!)

                1. re: Funwithfood

                  You've got to stop teasing us like this. It's time to set up shop in your garage....I see a second Mrs Fields success story in the making.

                  1. re: Cheese Boy

                    Thanks :)

                    But, one needs to be able to at least walk into the garage... (And to think DH has wild ideas of being able to park cars in there--crazy talk.)

              1. Did you let your caramel go higher than the recipe stated? My caramel was not that stiff. I used my thermopen so I am pretty sure it is accurate. Maybe it is so fast that I didn't get the same carryover rise you would with a slower thermometer.

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                1. re: Becca Porter

                  No, I actually prepared the caramel one degree *less* than I usually do on this occasion. I did this because I needed to coat 24 apples, and the caramel stiffens quickly. I do prefer the caramel just a bit stiffer--it's surprising the difference one degree makes!

                2. WOW! those look crazy yummy....mmmmm


                  1. Showed these to my husband - he was much appreciative and hopes I'll whip some up - we're watching Funniest Home Videos right now, and he suggests you get a chocolate covered onion ready to put into the mix! ; )

                    1. Hi, I want to take a look at your pics. but it's no longer on photobucket. where can I see them. thinking of "experimenting" this weekend with caramel apples. any suggestions?

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                      1. re: vanity021

                        My pictures are at istockphoto.com (I'm a "photographer" now--people pay for my photos!!! :)) Search under...Funwithfood.