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Nov 5, 2006 10:07 AM

Any good Taco Truck streets or hot spots ?

I'm looking for late night mexican food at stands, trucks, restaurants, or even just some dude with a bbq in a parking lot. Anything open past 12. I love to bomb around LA combing the streets.Tonite I drove from the 405 all the way up Pico/Olympic to downtown and then back down Venice blvd. There were some taco trucks, but not as many as i would have expected. I ended up actually driving to East LA near Whittier where the trucks were plentiful. WHERE ARE THE HOT SPOTS or streets that have a lot of Taco stands regularly at night? Do I have to go to NOHO, or near clubs? Is there anywhere, any neighborhood where their are so many options that you could take a walking tour?

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  1. Not going to take any credit for this, but you should check out this guy's blog to get your answer:


    1. You might have better luck on a weeknight... Victory, Vanowen, Sherman and Roscoe (E-W) or Van Nuys, Reseda, Sunland, upper Laurel Canyon (N-S), in the Valley.

      1. Olympic Bl in East LA usually has a good selection of taco trucks as well as along Huntington Dr and Mission Dr in the El Sereno area

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          Wow, I drove Olympic Blvd. I kept hearing how many trucks it had, but it was dead. I followed it way out into East LA and there were only warehouses and empty streets.This was between 12:00 and 2:00. Is that too late, too early?

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            It was a weekend... and yes, that's a bit too late for most taco trucks, at least in the Valley -- couldn't speak for Olympic Blvd.

        2. Driving down 3rd from Vermont (On the way to the grove from a Korea town dinner :)) , you can REALLY hit lots Taco trucks and carts. :)

          1. the le tehuana truck on 3rd and normandie has awesome pastor. only in the evenings,

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              sounds like i've got to get over to 3rd.and go out a little earlier