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Nov 5, 2006 07:46 AM


I've seen a bunch of commercials for this place...apparantly they have like 500 stores in the US and have served like 800,000,000 wings?


looked on their location finder....saw that they actually had a location less than 5 miles from me....whoa....

anyone been to this place?

any good?

what to order?

i think I'll visit sometime this week....

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  1. It's really good, but the fries kinda suck! I much prefer Wing Zone which has a much larger (if that's possible) selection of wings! Try the garlic-parmesan or the hot honey-teriyaki. Hmmm, wings.


    1. I don't really even like chicken wings all that much, but was briefly obsessed with their lemon pepper wings.

      1. I love their wings! I prefer the garlic parmesan wings (boneless or bone-in). My BF and I go there about once a month. Their hot wings aren't really that spicy, in my opinion, but they are still pretty good!

        1. The atomic wings are really spicy. I happen to like the fries. Fresh cut, not crispy though.

          1. wings aren't bad. i usually get the hottest ones, and they rank about a high-medium on my personal scale (which means most people would wonder why their faces aren't melting).

            fries are ok when fresh, but have a weird, greasy, chemical taste when they cool. actually, the taste is always there, it just becomes more pronounced as they cool.

            their "blue cheese" dressing is ranch that sat near a conatiner of blue cheese in the cooler; nasty and awful stuff.

            of the few wing places available to me, wingstop is at the bottom of the list. that said, if i need a wing fix, and for whatever reason can't get them from a preferred place, wingstop does satisfy the craving.