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Great Titles for Beers

I just saw two beers with the best titles:

- Lenny Bruce R.I.P.A from Hebrew; looks like a double ipa

- Brother Tholonious belgian style from North Coast Brewing

curious to know if anyone tried these yet. any thoughts?

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  1. That Brother Thelonius is intense. I went to and wrote about the 'unveling' of that beer in Santa Monica last April for a jazz magazine. Ended up with many bottles. It is very rich - huge flavor, and very strong. I typically do not like sweetness at all in my Belgian beers and prefer white stuff like Blanche de chambly. But Brother Thelonius is incredibly delicious and very well-crafted, even using the mild sweetness it has to keep my tongue on its toes. I think it's very good, and much more drinkable than alot of trappist beers.

    1. When will a Minneapolis brewhouse come out with Harmon's Killer Brew?

      1. Some favorite names that always amuse me:

        Old Horizontal... drink this and you'll be horizontal

        Old Rasputin... stout fit for a raving madman

        Dreadnaught... have no fear

        Behemoth... this MASSIVE brew

        1. Here in Eugene Oregon we have Ninkasi Brewing, a new micro brewery featuring brewmaster Jamie Floyd. His signature Total Domination IPA is over the top. Sorry currently only availabe on draft.

          1. I have had the Lenny Bruce R.I.P.A. (the R is for Rye, as I recall) and it was very good. I was a little skeptical of the He'brew beers at first...I figured that they probably thought that since they had a good marketing gimmick they didn't need to worry about the quality of the beer...but it's very good.

            The most amusing name for a beer I have seen recently is "Kentucky Breakfast". It's a double stout, 10% abv, which was one of the highest-rated beers of all on beeradvocate.com. I believe the brewery is in Michigan. It was described there as having the color and consistency of used motor oil.

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              The He'brew tag lines always make me chuckle- Messiah Bold "the beer you've been waiting for" etc.

              The one time I made it to Chicago for the Real Ale Festival, before it folded, we had Flossmoor Station's "Train Wreck of Flavor," which was literally that, and quite good.

            2. At the GABF in September I tried Old Leghumper Porter by Thirsty Dog Brewing from Centerville, Ohio.
              Good porter, but...
              best. name. ever.

              1. Brother Thelonious is a great beed with a great name.
                have you also seen the ad? love it too:
                "A Monk's Dream. Straight. No Chaser."

                1. There is a beer recipe called I believe "HOPocalypse"! God I just love that.

                  1. There’s a small brewpub near me call General Lafayette. The brewer can give his brews some peculiar names including:
                    1) Over The Hop IPA
                    2) All Fuggled Up Amber
                    3) Dunkel Sam
                    4) I’ll Be Bock
                    5) Alt! Who Goes There?

                    1. When I was in Iceland I drank a bottle of Polar Beer. (There's a polar bear on the label.)

                      1. The Belgian beer Delirium Tremens has always made me chuckle when I see it in the store. At 8.5%, it can live up to its name the next day if you spend a full evening taking it down.

                        1. 'Dead Guy Ale' from Rouge - and totally unrelated, the hot sauce called 'asbirnin' that comes in a little asprin bottle...

                          1. I like TEA (can't remember who makes it but very appropriate for my family) and 'old tom' which has a cat winking on the bottle.

                            Though the biggest laugh was when I turned up an old boyfriend's flat with a few bottles of 'duff'. I kid you not. It actually wasn't bad, a dark beer rather than a stout, still makes me smile. D'oh!

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                              Probably Hog's Back Traditional English Ale

                            2. Ale Mary, Full of Taste - Limited Edition by Rock Bottom Brewery for the Pope's visit to Denver several years ago...

                              1. Full Sail's "Wreck the Halls" Christmas brew
                                Lagunitas "Hairy Eyeball Ale"
                                Terrapin's "Wake-n-Bake" Coffee-Oatmeal Imperial Stout

                                I have a can of Schmidt beer from thirty years ago that features a bear overlooking a strip mine on the label.

                                1. Hey folks.
                                  Speaking of funny beer names, if you wanna create one, this Random Beer Name generator is pure genius.
                                  Here are some of my faves it came up with:
                                  Satan's Cranky Shitszu Russian Imperial Stout
                                  Insane Ewok Porter
                                  Yellow Retarded Bastard Oud Bruin
                                  Grunting Gloworm Bière de Garde
                                  Sizzling Forbidden Donut Wee Heavy
                                  Brown Full Moon Pale Ale
                                  Santa's Gnarly Beige Lemur Oud Bruin
                                  L. Ron Hubbard's Stinky Mantaray Brown Ale
                                  Fat Mothra Altbier
                                  The Moose Formerly Known As Mikhail Baryshnikov's El Dente Tripel
                                  Sneaky Sheep Stout

                                  1. Surly Furious is a great name for that particularly hoppy amalgam that comes out of Brooklyn Park, MN...

                                    1. Arrogant Bastard Ale from Stone Brewing Co. is one of my favorite titled beers, and the text they have to go along with it is quite humorous too. Damn good ale as well.

                                      1. "Small Craft Warning" from Clipper Mill Brewery in Baltimore


                                        1. Nodding Head Brewpub in Philly: Hoptimus Prime!

                                          1. "pink elephant pachyderm stout"

                                            "alimony ale"

                                            1. The Hebrew Lenny Bruce RIPA is delicious. It has a nice full flavor, and the aging process in a whiskey barrel adds a great, uncommon flavor in the background. If you like full-flavored beers, it is a must.