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Nov 5, 2006 04:20 AM

Easy Artichoke Cooking

I learned this very simple technique from my mom and I have always wondered if anyone else used this method. I have never done the whole french trimming/ water with lemon juice and flour thing.
I always do a few at a time as they have a very long shelf life once cooked this way.

I cut to about 1" the bottom stems of the artichokes. i put them in a pot so they fit tightly standing up.Pour in about 1" of water and another 1/2" or so of cider vinegar. Add a tight fitting cover and bring to a boil,turn down and simmer about 45 minutes until a large leaf pulls out easily and the 'meat' comes off easily when you skin it with your teeth. all done. the acid of the vinegar makes it so you really don't need a dipping sauce, (though i was raised dipping them in a mustard mayo mixture)

warning: i have burned more pots than i can tell you because I forgot them and they ran out of liquid, so check your liquid level after 20 minutes and add more as needed. my mom used to do this with a pressure cooker but i've never had one.

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  1. Same method except: I add water half way up, use less vinegar (maybe 3 Tb), same or lesser amount of oil (gives nice sheen), salt and some onion pieces and celery leaves if I have it around. And I also serve w/mayo-mustard concoction after 45 mins unless they're jumbos then it's an hour!

    1. I trim rinse and wrap individually in plastic wrap and microwave about 4 minutes. Allow to stand until cool enough to handle and take off plastic and eat.

      1. I have heard of the microwave method, and always turned my nose up- until I tried it YUM! Ears of corn are just as tasty wrapped and micro'd. The nutritional value is better with this method- though out the door when smeared with mayo.

        My fav dip for artichokes- smash and pulverize a garlic clove with your knife and make a paste- add with a little lemon juice and fresh cracker pepper to a little mayo - the best ever.

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          When microwaved the artichokes steam in their own juices and take on a richer flavor. I'd never go back to the stove top steaming uness I had not choice, liek my microwave was not working. I agree on the corn too. It seems to stay hotter longer and polenta made Barbara Kafka's way from Microwave Gourmet is unbeatable.

          1. re: Candy

            Candy, do you trim a lot of the leaves off before wrapping, or do you leave the chokes mostly intact?

          2. re: JalamaMama

            i'll have to try this microwave method w artich. but i think i will do test comparison with one that i've doused with cider vinegar and nuked.

            i never wrap my corn, just put them in microw. bare and nuke 4 min. delic.

          3. Trim the bottoms and the tips of the leaves. Leave the choke alone untl after they have cooked. It is easy to scrape out after steaming. Then after trimming i just give them a quick rinse and wrap tightly in plastic wrap. The wrap will expand and balloon while cooking and then collapse. The flavor is really good.

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            1. re: Candy

              Is there a way to do this not in plastic wrap? I get a little wary of nuking thin platicky film...

              1. re: litchick

                I'm also a bit creeped out by the idea of nuking plastic wrap. I drape a damp paper towel over the artichoke and nuke for 6 minutes.

            2. I like the steam-in-a-pot method, but I throw in a smashed garlic clove or two, and sometimes a bay leaf. Mmmm, artichokes...