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Nov 5, 2006 03:45 AM

Mulberry Street Pizza

So I've heard great things about Mulberry Street Pizza in Beverly Hills. Is it really all that good?

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  1. Not a chance. In terms of NYC style pizza in LA, I like Albano's, Mr. Damiano and the Larchmont place all better.
    Plus Rachel Ray likes it, subtracting even more points..

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    1. re: Adsvino

      well, rachel ray loves everything. i have yet to see her dislike any restaurant or food she puts in her mouth. =)

      1. re: Adsvino

        Anthony Albano came from Mulberry Street in BH and so did his pizza receipe.

      2. It's a half block from my office, so I've eaten there from time to time over the years. The last few times I've gone, I have promised myself not to go back. I can't say exactly what has changed, but the pizza is no longer as good as I once thought it was.

        1. yeah, i've been to albano's and liked it very much... just looking for another option and heard it was good. do you have another pizza favorite thats not NY style (i'm pretty new to LA)?

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          1. re: ewrohde

            <<another pizza favorite thats not NY style>>

            stella barra pizza on main street in santa monica.

            1. re: ewrohde

              Pizzanista: available by the slice, they serve late, they have tons of root beer and ginger beer, and they deliver on scooters and motos.

              There's always also the Joe's chain but... Pizzanista is just "cooler", I s'pose.

              (edit: amnit this thread is 7 years old).

            2. Mulberry Street is very good but also very overrated. Their overpriced pizza is indeed tasty and seems to be made with good-quality ingredients. But I'm always astonished when people tell me they think it's the closest thing to NY pizza we have in LA, a claim that IMHO has always been preposterous on its face. Anyone who wants something that represents a typical NY slice would be much better directed to Lamonica's in Westwood Village.

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              1. re: Arthur

                I agree. It is pretty good (very thin crust), but there is better. Personally I love Damiano's on Fairax. I think it's the closest to NY pizza out here.

                1. re: Newkie

                  I like Damiano's as well, but find its sauce noticeably sweeter than on a typical NY pizza.

                  Again, I think Lamonica's most resembles the standard NY slice. I'm not saying it's the best, just the most similar to what you'd expect to find throughout the five boroughs. And Lamonica's is the one-and-only place I've found in LA where you can get a worthy slice of Sicilian.

              2. Do not listen to any of these people who dis Mulberry Street! Native New Yorker here. I adore Mulberry Street. A: they have excellent thin crust pizza by the slice. B: you can sit at the counter and read the Post. I don't know if she still has ownership interest, but she used to and once Cathy Moriarty took my order.
                What's not to like?
                One caveat -- I ALWAYS go to the location on Canon.