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Anisette - Italian?

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Anisette is an Italian liqueur but the best are Marie Brizard (French) or Anis del Mono (Spain)
Does anyone know a good Italian brand?

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      1. Pernod :-) When only the best will do.

        1. anice luxardo and pernod (as they are both dry) would fall in the apperitif not the liqueur category.

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              so where in the metro area could we get luxardo? i'd love to try both the anice and anisetta.

          1. I thought Pernod was French.

            1. It is, you're correct. I just like it so I had to mention it. That's where the smile came in. I mentioned it in a separate thread, but Fernet Branca is another favorite. Not a true anisette, but it is Italian.

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                That's cool, I'm a Pernod lover myself. I drink it and it transports me to the Parisian sun...sounds pretentious, but it does.