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Nov 5, 2006 02:20 AM

Furenzu in Emeryville - what to order

Going next week, any suggestions? Menu looks, um, esoteric... to a meat/potato person.

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  1. Definitely the edamame. OMG, who knew that soybeans could be so good? Lipsmacking, finger-licking good. We also enjoyed the honey ribs and shrimp in the nest. We had a lot of other dishes too, almost all of which were good but apparently not great enough to job my memory! However, I do remember that we finished with the gorgonzola and peach flambe. Very dramatic presentation. The taste was a little too mellow for me, I was expecting more oomph from the gorgonzola. All in all though it was an excellent meal.

    FYI, I don't think the menu online is the most current one.

    1. I ate there perhaps four months ago, while running errands in Emeryville, and honestly can't remember any dish we had, except the chicken wings, which were good. However, I do remember that we spent what seemed like a lot more money then I would have expected given the atmosphere, and left hungry! So, if you go, order a lot...I wasn't satisfied and probably wouldn't return: I remember thinking afterwards that Berkeley or North Oakland really aren't that far away....

      1. Everything I had was good but they are small plates. So don't do really hungry or you will be spending alot of money.