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Nov 5, 2006 01:34 AM

Is The Ground Round in Cambridge Closed Again?!

Drove by it last night around 9:00 PM and it was dark, with no one in the parking lot.

Maybe the Tin Alley will open up there again. :-D

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  1. Yeah that is the weirdest deja-vu anyway. Maybe with the Holiday Inn Express across the street they decided to give it another go. Crazy.

    1. My friends and I were in the bar about 2 weeks ago. I just looked up the Ground Round website and they don't have anything listed at that location in Cambridge. Very strange. Would love a report if someone knows what's going on.

      1. Just curious (seriously) .... Why does it matter?

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        1. re: Blumie

 know what? You're absolutely right! :-D My friend pointed out that the place was dark as we drove by, and I believe I said, "Good." I had a horrid meal there a couple of weeks ago.

          But I am kinda curious at to what happened....

        2. Blumie - it matters because the space might be available for something better.

          1. No, the food wasn't good. The clientele in the bar, dicey. It's just fascinating that they re-opened as the Ground Round for about a month and then closed. I'd love to know what happened. Health violation or something else?