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Nov 5, 2006 12:57 AM

Is there anywhere in the Inland Empire that has great Jamaican or Haitian Food?

I moved to Riverside from Los Angeles and have been dying for some Jamaican Food or even Haitian if I can find it. Please tell me there is somewhere in the IE where I can find it.

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  1. A restaurant recently opened up in Temecula called Arriba Grill which specializes in Carrabian food.

    1. There used to be a restaurant in San Diego, on Market just east or west of 30th, called Island Spice. Maybe it's still there...the jerk chicken was truly addictive and the brown sauce fish was finger licking good.

      Oh that jerk chicken, I'm sorry I thought of it. *sigh*

      Kare raisu, go see if the resto is still there. If it is, email me some chicken, please.

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      1. re: cristina

        Only if you email me some uchepos and carnitas. :)

        Made it to Panchitas by the way, on your reccomendation. It is just as you described it....fantastic panaderia.