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Nov 5, 2006 12:15 AM

Spicey Mina - so what to order? prices? and location?

i'd really like to know some of the great dishes to get here, rather than bashing on the decor.

maybe she's putting all her attention into the food, rather than that supposedly dreaded decor (as a side note, i love the feel of Di'fara's and wouldn't want it ever to change)

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    1. The first appetizer in the list is amazing. So is the dal fry.

      If you're driving, from the south go up the BQE past the closed Roosevelt Avenue exit, past the Laguardia exit, take the next exit and go back south to the Roosevelt Avenue exit.

      Coming from the Triboro or the Grand Central, head south to the first exit for Roosevelt Avenue.

      At the light, turn right on Broadway, one block to the restaurant.

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        When heading north on the BQE the exit to take is Northern Blvd, it is the exit after the closed Roosevelt Ave exit. The exit for Laguardia is past Northern Blvd. You get off at Northern, stay left, go under the BQE, and make a kind of U turn and get back on the BQe heading the other way and exit at Broadway. Samosa Chat ($4.50), chicken tikka($12.95),lamb vindaloo($14.95),palak paneer ($8.95).Entree portions feed two to three people, as of last week they had the buy two get one free deal. You can pick up cold beer from the deli next door.

        1. re: stuartlafonda

          I love Spicy Mina, and the prices are fine w/me, but I don't think the entree portions are generally that huge. Maybe with certain dishes (i.e. ones I've never ordered), but not with anything involving chicken and not w/the palak paneer. But—maybe I just eat more than everybody else...

          1. re: gnosh

            I'm a big eater, but don't you think an order of chicken tikka, lamb vindaloo and palak paneer with rice and naan would feed three people? I always take home food.

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              Well, usually when I go we order one entree per person and there is nothing (or little) left over—unless we just don't like something. I was just disagreeing w/the comment that one entree is enough for 2 or 3 people.

      2. shrimp dopeja (probably spelled that wrong) is excellent. described as shrimp with fried sharp onions.


        1. probably repeating others, but the chaat, the dal fry, the various fish dishes, all the dishes labelled "do piaz", some of her breads, the eggplant, especially the baigan achar, cooked with pickling spices, all the veg dishes are good - some people complain about mustardiness of some of her baigan bharta variations, but I dont.Pilaf is very good but can be oily. folks like the haleem - the one I had the other week was not my fave, but then, it was probably too early in the day for it to reach optimum texture since its a slow cooked dish which they were serving in the evening to break fast and I had ordered it at lunchtime.

          1. The Palak paneer is insanely good....its something I never knew I could like til Mina. And I talked about it for a good week after.

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              I dont know that I agree - her palak paneer, like everything else she cooks, is variable - Ive had it be really good a couple times, but on one occasion it was disappointingly bland.
              Id advise asking for it spicy.