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Nov 4, 2006 11:40 PM

porky's bb on manchester

i was at hollywood park for some breeders cup gambling - won a few $$ and walked out around 3:00 damn hungry - recalled a hound review of porky's bbq so decided to give it a shot.

just west of the prairie/manchester intersection - porky's is combo BBq and golden bird ( or was it golden wing ? ) chicken.

order a couple 2 meat combos ( comes with texas toast and 2 sides ) one combo went with pulled prk and brisket. the other pork ribs and links. also got a side of "fried" conbread. the dinenrs were $18/ each - seemed a little pricy but they make mention that you are getting 12 ounces of meat in your order

the sides were supposed to be cole slaw, beans, mac and cheese and potatoes/gravy - instead , they gave me beans, 2 orders mac/cheese, potatoes/gravy, potato salad, dirty complaints but i did want to try the slaw !! i liked all the sides, though i found all of them to be sweet...a little strange...the potato salad tasted like it had a little sprinkle of curry in it - mustard, not mayo based...but good. the gravy was more of a sausage breakfast gravy - but it tasted good!

as to the meat - the pulled pork...excellent - nice smoky taste, tender...very good. the brisket - some grizzly pieces made me wonder if they smoked it long had good flavor but the pork was much better. the links were dense, yet a little dry ( how is that possible ? ) the ribs were excellent - seasoned with a rub, meaty and very tender...i still give highest marks to the pulled pork.

next trip to h-park for horses and/or poker, i'm eating at porky's !!

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  1. I had a similar experience. Rib tips were a little underdone, but great flavor, Brisket was awsome. I had Macncheese (standard) slaw (above average) and dirty rice (really, really good)

    All the chicken dishes looked good, "smoked chicken" and fried chicken but I did not try. Next time.

    Good food, Lots of it but fairly expensive

    1. When I hit up porky's I got the pulled pork sando. I enjoyed the blackened crust on the pork along with the sauce boat full of bbq sauce. Not a bad deal at around 5 bucks. I've had better Q, but also have had a lot worse.