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Nov 4, 2006 11:13 PM

Crabcakes for a first-timer?

I've never had crabcakes in my life before. I've heard many things about them though, from a good one with lumps of crab, to ones with a bad crab-to-bread ratio. So where can a first-timer find the best crabcakes in this city? Thanks.

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  1. The best one's I've tried in NYC were at MoBay in Harlem. I've had authentic Maryland Crab cakes from the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and know a great crab cake when I taste one :)

    1. My friend told me he had a crab cake at sea grill and said it was amazing. He said it reminded him of combination of fried chicken meets a crab cake. Sounded good to me

      1. I am a Baltimorean and the nearest to a Maryland crab cake I ever had in NYC was at City Crab.

        1. Le Gigot on Cornelia Street makes the most fabulous crab cakes..listed as an appetizer, they can also be ordered in a main course-sized portion. Their oysters are also superb!

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            When I saw this post, Le Gigot was the first thing that came to mind. It was pricey, but hands down the best crabcake I've ever had in NYC...maybe even better than the ones I've had down in Baltimore..

          2. I lived in the Baltimore area for 5 years so I have had the real thing quite often. The only NYC crab cake experience I've had that even remotely compares were the ones I ate at the Four Seasons a while back. Expensive but well worth it.
            Believe it or not the 2nd best were at a place called John Henry's in Trenton, NJ of all places...
            Every other NYC seafood restaurant that I've tried the crabcakes have been a disappointment. Maybe I'm super picky but City Crab's were not good. Good luck.