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Nov 4, 2006 10:16 PM

Any updates on the Russian-Georgian restaurant Pomegranate in SD?

I was wondering if anyone has dined there recently?

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  1. I went there once for the stuffed gabbage. OK but not great.
    Now I cook at home with the already stuffed gabbage from Whole Foods or Bristol Farms. They come closer to those I had growing up with, and have brown unpolished rice on the side covered with the sauce, and a dill pickle. Great!

    1. We went there recently with another couple and had a good time. The plase is a little rustic, you can bring your own wine.

      They have a good appetizer plate that is a sampling of many different types of salad. It served on a large round plate with many compartments and many little samples of things. It is good for 4 people to try.

      My wife had the Borscht and stuffed cabbage. Both were good. I had the stroganof. It was hearty, served with rigatoni noodles on the side. I would have prefered egg noodles served with it.

      This place is not fancy, but we thought it was good and would return.

      1. We went to this restaurant because of Naomi Wise's good review. The food may be authentic but it is mediocre and the waiter kept nudging people to order the same entree. Although they accept credit cards, the waiter said they would add a surcharge (something like $5!) to use a credit card. He suggested we go to an ATM and get cash! When my husband remarked that this is illegal, the owner came over and backed the waiter up. We paid by credit card anyway (and disputed it with the credit card company which backed us up). Then the waiter insisted we tip him in cash! Sleazy says it all.