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Nov 4, 2006 10:14 PM

What do you think of the prepared foods at Whole Foods?

I hate going to my closest WF because it is always a madhouse...but a lot of the dishes that are prepared look very delicious however put off I am by their price tag.

So what are your favorites, dislikes, opinions in general?

I often like to take ideas from markets like these as inspiration for home creations.

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  1. Expensive and generally not worth it. Avoid the tri-tip/London Broil. It is extremely tough. Sandwiches and burritos are "meh", save for the spinach/tomato tortillas they offer (but strangely don't sell outside of the deli). Soups can be a pretty good deal. The creme brulee french toast they have for breakfast is awesome. The curry chicken salad is pretty good. Whole Foods' baked goods are better than the prepared foods.

    1. I like the desserts they sell pre-packaged like blueberry panna cotta and sour cherry crisp. i often eat there so that I'm not shopping hungry. the sushi is fine if they make it to order so that it's not ice cold. i like the mac n'cheese from the hot bar. this in chapel hill, nc, my WF in ny was completely different. i was addicted to their indian food for awhile,even though it eventually all tasted the same. the edamame salad and rice salads were also better in Ny...but I'm going to stop now b/c I'm remembering all of the non-prepared foods that I miss so much from NY.
      I can buy dumplings at the chinese markets, i can buy cheap japanese food near campus, and the vietnamese is just fine...but i SO miss my cheeses, wines and everything from buon'italia in chelsea market (fresh pasta as good as you could make it yourself, fresh buffalo mozz for cheap, fresh stracchino (!!). dried porcini mushrooms...the imported prosciutto and mortadella from DiPalo's..and the parmigiano reggiano that doesn't go bad w/in 2 weeks in the fridge...I know this is completely off topic.

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        I've only eaten at the Raleigh, NC store and I'd only recommend the food to someone who can't have even a miligram of sodium. I don't care much for salt, but this place underseasons so badly it's absurd. And, depending on your market, the prices are no bargain.

        1. re: rockycat

          we have the opposite problem in their southern california stores. everything is LOADED with salt and drowning in oil.

        2. re: fara

          I also like the mac and cheese at the hot food bar and at my local WF they sell it in prepackaged containers near the rotisserie chickens. It's quite cheesy so if that's your preferred style of mac and cheese I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

          1. re: fldhkybnva

            When I was taking care of my mom in Jersey she was craving mac & cheese, so I filled a container from the hot foods bar when I was shopping @the Paramus store. She & my sis *inhaled* it.

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              It's delicious but very rich. I can only eat so much before I'm saturated.

        3. I really enjoy their soups. The cream of mushroom is decadent.

          At the deli, I like the Sonoma Chicken Salad (chicken, mayo based dressing, grapes, celery, nuts), broccoli salad, and some of the couscous salads. There's a couscous salad made with a touch of orange juice and pinenuts that was delicious. However, most of the food is prohibitively expensive.

          I find several of the prepared items to be bland and boring, like the Asian noodle salads.

          1. I really like the chili-cheese enchiladas, the mac n cheese, and the roasted bell peppers.

            1. The pulled pork is frickin' fabulous!! Really.