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Nov 4, 2006 10:04 PM

earthen oven

There is a recently opened indian on 72nd and columbus. it appears to be around $20 per main course which appears pricey considering the decor doesn't look to be worth commanding more. Has anyone comments on this indian or their best options close to there?

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  1. I tried it the first week it opened. It is pricey indeed... There are some interesting choices on the menu, beyond the typical curries, etc. Worth trying if you go with something you've never had/heard of. Ask your waiter for guidance, but keep your eye on the $'s as it can add up.

    For decent "regular" indian fare we like Swagat- try the Shrimp Pondicherry as a starter. Swagat is on Amsterdam 79/80.

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      thanks, we did order delivery which was very tasty and fresh. I would recommend it as delivery and will certainly think of trying it to dine in. sometimes we go to indus valley on broadway and 100th, but i think this place is lighter and tastier.