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Nov 4, 2006 09:35 PM

this time was a disappointment at Lee

not to happy with my recent visit to Lee- I'll definitely go again as I've loved it in the past; however, i left feeling peeved on Thursday. Our black cod (my favorite dish in the past) was undercooked- it is pretty hard to recover from that...once you've had it on your plate you just can't trust the redo, you know what i mean? And then we had the duck confit (there was other good dishes in between) but this confit was basically covered in what tasted exactly like what a caramel apple is dipped in. I can see if it was drizzled on it may have been good but I mean, it was really gross- like a mouthful of sugar. I can only guess this is not how the dish was conceived. The cool presentation of the creme brule seemed to revive things for my fellow diners, but I still felt less than wowed. Bummer.

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  1. After consistantly dining at Lee over the past 18 months, it took me by surprise when the prices of the dishes all shot up by $3-$4 each. The menu is essentially identical to the day it opened, when dishes ranged from $6-$ most of the original $11-12-13 dishes are priced at $15-16-17!!! I love the food, but at that rate of inflation for the same dishes, I'll stay away more often and grab a burger or steak tartare at Thuet!

    The place is still as packed as ever though. Maybe in 3 months, the dishes will cost $19-20-21...natural progression of inflation right!

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    1. re: The Macallan 18

      you're so right- i noted the price increase as well and it only added to the overall meh feeling i left with.

    2. They essentially use the same marketing techiques of diamonds.
      The commodity/dishes remain basically the same, but the
      higher the price it gives the illusion to their customers
      that they are getting something super duper good :)

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Sorry to hear that. I have had good experiences at Lee and am bummed that they would quietly sneak in the price increases. I know you are paying for ambiance..but they are tapas afterall..

          1. he he. The diamond analogy was a bit comical. As I said, I'll continue to go, i've always had good times there- this visit was just a let down, particularly as I was hosting. I'm assuming some new fool was in the kitchen- again, there is no way the duck was prepared as Susur meant it to be, I just can't see it- and obviously the black cod was meant to be cooked. ;)