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Nov 4, 2006 08:57 PM

In search of good sushi

A friend and myself are in search of good and reasonable priced sushi. Yes the places in downtown Boston are good but overpriced. We like Mr Sushi and Takishima in Brookline but we are searching for new ones. We found in Dedham a wonderful place called Bamboo which is next to the Holiday Inn on Rt 1 and last night just found a place called Green Tea in Newton where Sunni the Sushi chef was great. If you know of any sushi places that are hidden gems could you post them please.

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  1. If you're willing to drive up to Nashua NH, Takumi has the best sushi I've tasted outside of Tokyo or New York.

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      Thanks that sounds very good. I will look to see if they have a website

    2. If you've never tried Shino Express on Newbury St, give it a try. It's reasonably priced and consistently good.

      1. My votes would be for Ginger in Bedford, Sakura in Chelmsford, and Kyotoya in Woburn.

        1. Blue Fin in Porter Square has become a tad more expensive since a recent expansion, but is still certainly reasonable.

          I think of it as a sort of "Japanese deli", sporting a fairly extensive list of no-frills (or at least low-frills) sushi and kitchen dishes. While I've never had a "very best" anything here per se, I'd be hard pressed to think of a single bad experience either. More or less everything on the menu seems to earn a solid B or B+ on a fairly tough, chowish curve.

          Since it sounds like you're driving, bonus points for the convenient $1 parking lot out back.

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            Is this in the Porter Exchange building?

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              Yep. Not the sushi bar in the food court (which is ok if not great), but the sit-down restaurant around the corner, across from the Japanese grocery store.

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                the sushi (cash) bar is not in great in Porter Exchange, but the prices are awesome!

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              i'm also looking for new sushi places as i've been recently let down by my two favorites--blue fin and the brookline ginza.

              i was at blue fin this past friday. since the renovation, i have had some meals that have been better than before, but overall, i'm starting to see that the quality is the same with prices sometimes 20-30% more. i used to go here for decent sushi for a low price, but i'm less willing to fork over more money for the same stuff. then again, it's still a pretty good deal with 24 nigiri for $30.

              the brookline ginza was my old standby for quality sushi, but i was there last month on a tuesday night. we had to send back some of our sashimi because it tasted so foul. i've been there dozens of times, but the fish was so horrid this past time that i'm really hesitant to go back.

              oishii in chestnut hill is the only place to never have let me down, but the distance and the wait mean that it can't be my regular sushi place.

            3. I like Umi on Peterbourough. Reasonably priced, and I've never been disappointed. Excellent Toro, and the Black Widow Maki is one of my favorites.